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It’s A Woman’s World For Boys Who Blog About Fashion

By October 23, 2013 Bloggers, Guest Posts, Influencers

There are hundreds of articles out there discussing the rise of menswear in the fashion industry, but none answering a more pressing question: Where are all the menswear bloggers?

Here the bloggers themselves give their take on why female bloggers are still dominating the fashion genre and what got them started in blogging.

Sergio of What My Boyfriend Wore

 ”I’m not surprised there are fewer male bloggers; I think it’s directly proportional to the amount of men who have the confidence to dress in a way that allows them to express their individual style. Unfortunately, guys don’t really boost each other to dress well; in fact they take the opposite approach and rather berate each other for trying, whereas woman will praise one another for looking good. Men also get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion anyway, walk into any high street retailer or department store and you’ll find the menswear department is nothing less than a quarter of the size of the Ladies department.”

“I enjoy the research that goes into blogging; I make sure that I educate myself along with my audience. I also love the direct interaction with readers, I make a point of answering any comment or question across all my social media platforms. I think the difference between a brand and a blogger is the human to human interaction.”

David of Grey Fox

“There seems to be many, many times more female bloggers than male – and older male bloggers are almost non-existent, until Grey Fox appeared. I suppose women are generally more interested in fashion and blogging has become something of an obsession among many younger women.

Older bloggers naturally write more about age-related issues because the fashion world tends to ignore older men and women, so that naturally becomes an issue to write about. Youth will affect writing style as well – simply because of generational differences in writing style, ability and grammar. Exposure to popular culture differs as well and affects outlook and style of presentation.”

“I have no background in fashion. I practiced law and then taught. I have no idea why I’m doing this, but I enjoy writing and exploring the new world this blog has opened up. I started Grey Fox in December 2011. As an older man, it becomes increasingly difficult to decide what to wear and how to dress. This fashion and style blog is my response.”

Fraquoh and Franchomme of Attire Club

“There are by far more female fashion bloggers than male. So far, we don’t know of there being a statistic on what the percentages are, but from what we see and estimate, around 90 percent of fashion bloggers are female.”

“Today, there is a lot of prejudice when it comes to men’s style, fashion, body image and other related issues. Even though Western society has opened up a lot and keeps on doing so, there are still many people and places where style and men simply don’t go together in the respective culture’s eyes. Men’s looks are almost a complete taboo – this is why we wanted to write about these issues, to try to put them behind us and focus on building, not destroying. Even though these are difficult issues, they need to be addressed and we will continue to do so.”

 Alex from Mr Essentialist

“Absolutely – there’s a huge number of female fashion bloggers out there. When I look at menswear blogs I think we’re talking 50 noteworthy blogs. This is changing though – I really think men are becoming more conscious of the fashion choices they make. A lot of my friends are now either reading blogs themselves or even uploading selfies of their OOTDs (outfits of the day) – a natural next step is posting that on a blog. On the flip-side there’s so much noise on the internet. I definitely have my favorite blogs that I keep referring to. Some are pretty unique, others are massively successful. I just think it’s good to keep searching for new things to read and be inspired by.”

Orion from Fashion Éclair

“There is quite a huge number of female bloggers compared to male bloggers. I joined a network of fashion bloggers and most members are girls. It would be great to interact with fellow male fashion bloggers if there were more of them. If you go out in East London you’d see a lot of guys looking so stylish and it makes you wonder, where are the male bloggers? I think guys are not yet that comfortable writing about clothes and fashion. But this should change in the coming years because I believe that London is the world’s capital for menswear fashion. More guys like me are getting into fashion, and blogging is a great platform to showcase someone’s personal style. “

Joseph of UnlimitedbyJK 


“Women dominate the fashion blog community. I am often the only male blogger at many events I attend. I find that most men don’t have the same inclination as women to flaunt what they are wearing, or to review other people’s outfits. I suppose it is something to do with gender psychology.

I would certainly agree. London is referred to as the home of menswear, because much of the British menswear industry is within the capital. Savile Row in particular is argued to be the birthplace of modern menswear. However, London is also referred to as the fashion capital of the world, and there are far more opportunities in London for fashion bloggers in general, not just menswear bloggers.”

Whilst still few in number, these guys are clearly not worried about the reaction other people might have and reject any fashion stereotypes being thrown at them!

What do you think on the subject? Read more fashion blogger opinions over at Woodhouse blog.

Rhiannon is a former journalism student and writer with a mild obsession with reading scary stories.


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