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Festival Style For The Real World

By April 15, 2014 Street Style, Trending
festival slider

As the sun sets on Coachella, we’re left wanting to rock our festival fringe and boho baubles all summer long. But crop tops, cutoffs (and other crazy closet concoctions) are not exactly weekday staples.  Here, we’ve put together a few styles inspired by Coachella that you can sneak into your everyday wardrobe.


Integrate this hippie-chic trim into the everyday with a fringed scarf, as seen on supermodel Adriana Ambrosio.


Flowy Dresses

In a midi length, these free-flowing frocks can rock the nine-to-five.




Go bold without breaking the office dress code in modern geometrics and primary shades.


Racked photographer Driely S.

Arm Candy

Layer on the sweetness with statement accessories that bring wow to the workday.


Racked photographer Driely S.

Crossbody Bags

Go hands-free with a chic, structured bag in classic colors—or electric statement shades.


 Chiara Ferragni, Chanel bag, Photographed by Leslie Kirchhoff via Vogue

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It’s Hip to be Square: Geometric Jewels

By September 11, 2012 Street Style, Trending

Right angles? Right on! Get in shape with trendy geometric jewelry. From Cara Couture necklaces to Yochi Design earrings and bracelets, these shapely accessories are a bold way to accent your attire. Opt for brightly colored angles as a true statements piece, or stick to metal tones for a more subtle look. Any way you wear it, it’s hip to be square!

images courtesy of Chase Reyes, Jonathan Rios, Walk in Wonderland and

1. Cara Couture Crystal Encrustred Stud Earrings - MSRP: $54 – ideeli Price: $29.99

2. Cara Couture Frontal Statement Necklace - MSRP: $180 – ideeli Price: $79.99

3. Susan Hanover Gold Multi Chain Necklace - MSRP: $180 – ideeli Price: $69.99

4. nOir Geometric NecklaceMSRP: $180 – ideeli Price: $79.99

5. YOCHI DESIGNS – Silver Geo-Shape Drop Earring – MSRP: $69.00 – ideeli price:$24.99

6. Yochi Design Bicycle Chain Necklace – MSRP: $88 – ideeli Price: $39.99

If you aren’t part of ideeli, no worries! Join here.


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Knitwit: Crocheted Summer Style

By July 9, 2012 Street Style, Trending

Grandma better hold on to her tablecloths, ’cause crocheted styles are back in season! Get a dose of laid back (and throw back) style with these open knits. These easy, breezy dresses, skirts, and tops are easy to wear – keep the styling and accessories simple for a beautiful, feminine look.

Lace top + crocheted skirt + loose sexy curls = perfect summer combo! Crochet Sweater Skirt,

These ladies are keeping the crocheted styles white hot!

For ultimate boho-hippie style, crocheted pants are the way to go. Pants,


Peek-a-boo, I see you Ashley Simpson, and your lovely white crocheted dress!

Swim cover-up or daring dress? Your choice! Crochet maxi dress at Emilio Pucci, SS11


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Hot Feet: Neon Footwear

By June 28, 2012 Daily Hue, Street Style, Trending

Nothing cold about these feet! Neon hued heels and flats are just the energy shot your tired toes need to perk up.

1.  Zara,

2. Mereles for Mango,

3. Miu Miu, $607

4. Zara, $70

5. Christian Louboutin ‘Un Bout 100′ pumps, $740

And for a more comfortable approach..

Scheir Shoes

Schier ‘Otavi’ cap toe shoes, $235

Steve Madden

Steve Madden ‘Jazie’ oxfords, $89


Cole Haan

Cole Haan ‘Aliza’ oxfords, $178


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American Women: Bloggers Wear Flag Prints

By May 28, 2012 Street Style, Trending
american flag

Stars + stripes unite in this explosion of blogging patriotism! Check out theses ladies and their flag fashion before you head on out to your Memorial Day picnic.

American Flag shorts

Bebe Zeva, we salute your shorts!


Sure, it’s a cute scarf, but extra points for the actual flag in the background, Camilla of

Rea Pap

The flag’s at half mast on the pants of Rea Pap of Surf Addict Fashionista.

Bethany Struble

A subtle showing of our stars + stripes on Bethany Struble of Snakes Nest.

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The Printing Press: Prints Gone Wild

By April 11, 2012 Street Style, Trending
prints gone wild 640x290

Stop the presses! The prints are in, and they are certainly a sight for bored eyes. Mix + match patterns have been turning up on the runway, and we can’t help but be memorized by the striking visuals. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate these designs into your wardrobe, look no further. two+seven takes two runway looks that translate easily to daytime style. Printed perfection!

Mary Katrantzou RTW Fall 2012 + Geological Cutout Mini Dress

Moschino Cheap and Chic + Pins and Needles Drifter Dress

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Need that Neon

By March 5, 2012 Street Style, Trending

The Blonde Salad

Caution: women be workin’ it! Lately, the fashion elite have been stopping traffic in an eye-popping electric green hue. No question, this color is bound to attract some attention. To prevent becoming a roadside violation, follow our three guidelines:

  • Stay focused: keep this color central by accenting only with neutrals. Pair it with black for extra pop.
  • Don’t go overboard: one piece  packs enough punch per outfit
  • Work it: this is an attention-calling color, so show it off with confidence!
Get the look!
Splurge: Michael Kors Stretch wool-crepe dress - $1,995 -
Save: H&M – $14.95 –
Splurge: Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Suede – $1,595 -
Save: Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Neon Orange – 15″ - $170 -
*Slider image: Vogue

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Gimme that Look!

By February 27, 2012 Street Style, Trending

 is ready for spring – but are you? Spotted rockin’ some daring floral pants with leopard heels, Palermo shows no fear for fierce style. If you’re coveting this bold transitional look as much as we are, you can easily (and affordably!) make the same statement. We rounded up some pieces – in a reasonable price range, of course – that will transition you seamlessly into spring (and celeb status!).

Shoes: Vince Camuto - $89.99

Pants : H & M - $14.95

Purse: Redherring on – $34.00

Jacket: Ermanno Scervino  – $584

T-shirt: Designers Remix Sign Silk Crepe T-Shirt - $230



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By January 27, 2012 Street Style, Trending
Source: Uraraa

This year’s hottest trend borrows Halloween’s hue. But there’s no need to be afraid, these pumpkin like palette suits anyone. Just wear these eye-popping staples moderately and pair it with neutral hues and avoid black (not unless you’re plain old eager for Halloween).

Well and dapper

Source: Wellanddapper.tumblr

Source: the-streetstyle.tumblr

wit and delight

Source: witanddelight.tumblr



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Death Becomes Us: The Skull Trend

By November 22, 2011 Street Style, Trending
Untitled-1 copy

Make no bones about it: the skull trend is here to stay. Popularized by Alexander McQueen, this eerie macabre imagery can be found on anything from t-shirts to shoes + bathing suits to bracelets. Who knew a thick skull could be so chic?  So go ahead, don’t be afraid to flirt with death by donning some seriously skully styles.

Image courtesy of skull fan The Blonde Salad

This blonde bombshell is the last person you’d expect to rock the living dead, yet she pulls it off effortlessly.

What could be more romantic than lighting a skull candle? Ahh, no wonder they say that romance is dead.

Skull swimwear: well suited for a dip in the Dead Sea. Harhar.

Carved skull heels: giving new meaning to killer footwear.

It may look like she’s waiting on death row, but she’s just showing of her super cute sparkly skull tee.

A skull bracelet: because your wrist needs an adornment of death, too.

And from the originator, an Alexander McQueen oversize cocktail ring. This baby was so heavy, it made it hard to type!

Alexander McQueen skull ring in silver

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Old School As Told by Artist Awol Erizku

By November 10, 2011 Photographers, Street Style
Stay Free by Awol Erizku

We’ve been told that pictures are worth a thousand words but Awol Erizku, tells us something else. This native New Yorker shows us his studio, his unique images, his point of view and a whole lot words that won’t fit even in a thousand photographs.

Awol Erizku and Kanye photo by Caitlin Martusewicz

two + seven: Tell me a little bit about yourself, how did it all start?

Awol Erizku: I’ve always had an interest in film in high school. I got into Cooper Union because of my film but when I started college I had an opportunity to intern for David La Chapelle. I showed him a series of photographs of this group of retro kids. He was blown, he made me realize maybe making art with photography was something I can take more seriously. I opened this studio last Halloween.  The owners of Adore Flower shop Jack Wu and his beautiful wife Chiyomi  have been impressed by a wall installation my good friend Fletcher Williams III and myself have been commissioned to complete that summer on Jacks bar on 53rd street .

Source: Awol Erizku

We took a good portion of that summer to work on the wall by night, we believe it’s the sexiest wall in all of New York City clubs. Shortly After the summer I graduated from Cooper, Jack and Chiyomi who recently moved in to the Flower Shop generously gave me the floor below the Shop to use as my Studio. From there I had to start doing the things you don’t learn in school: building my studio one equipment at a time, producing work and getting into shows and galleries.

Source: Awol Erizku

two + seven: How would you describe your work?

AE: Fine Art. My work is generally mixed media, sculpture, film, painting but I predominantly work with photography. The medium depends on the body of work I make. Some are more effective in sculpture and some more effective in photography.

Funky Fresh Crew by Awol Erizku

Stay Free by Awol Erizku

two + seven: What’s the predominant theme of you work?

AE: I’m still working on it but I would say a lot of it has to do with Identity, Beauty and Humor. I want to create substantial work that represents my culture in a positive light; I want to celebrate the elegance and the beauty of African American Men and women. Pop-culture has a lot of influence on my work. I like to re-contextualize art historical pieces with a twist of pop.  You won’t think the same artist would make my photos and sculptures. Think of a huge puzzle, I’m putting the pieces that someone will consider the “theme” of my work once I’m gone, together.

Girl with a Bamboo Earring by Awol Erizku

Lady with Pitbull by Awol Erizku

two + seven:  Tell us about your work

AE: My neon piece You Are All Famous, is definitely more contemporary and it’s a bit different from my photographs like The Girl with a Bamboo Earring. My neon piece of Barack Obama’s twitter name (@BarackObama) highlights his relevance in pop-culture, our generation and Obama as the first American president to be branded.

Untitled by Awol Erizku

two + seven: What is your work process?

AE: It starts intuitively on a conceptual level and then I create a surface. I think about what I want to say and then find the medium and material that can best communicate my concept. For photography, there’s more patience involved, for example finding the subject and scheduling a shoot and so on. Once I’m making the photograph with my subjects, it’s organic but the ideation of my work comes in time. For any given piece, I would be looking at up to 5 subjects. These subjects are people that I come across in my day-to-day adventures in the city. It’s important for me to come across these people and get to know them and see if their persona fits the concept I want to portray. Music also plays a huge role during my shoots. I usually have a playlist set up before each shoot. If I’m not shooting, I’m making playlists.

1988 by Awol Erizku

KWA by Awol Erizku

two + seven: Who are the biggest influences in your work?

AE: On the conceptual level, Jeff Wall, in how he uses back-lit photography to add more to his photographs. David La Chapelle has a huge influence on the visual side of my work, color and making sure the smallest details get the same treatment as the rest of the photographs. At about 18 or so David was my mentor who exposed me to A-list celebrities and how to work with them, I apply a lot of those aspects when I photograph my subjects. But if I can be honest, I avoid looking at other photographer’s work because I don’t want to have a direct influence on the aesthetic or concepts of my work. Photography is saturated!

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Time After Time: Trendy Watches

By November 7, 2011 Street Style, Trending
Image by Chassey Reyes

Image from

Time flies when you’re having fun – and what could be more fun than strapping on a trendy wrist watch? Feeling inspired by yesterday’s time change, we rounded up some ultra-cool, classic time pieces that are just right for topping off your look. We love the rich leathers, bold faces, and classic designs of these statement-making pieces. Tick-tock, don’t be late for this trend!

Image from Marie Claire

Image from

Image from

Image from Dolce-Lamour

Image from We Heart It

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