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Poolside Style: Models in Swimwear

By May 21, 2012 Models, Trending, Women

Hello, bathing beauties! Our favorite models are lookin’ hot as ever in their fab designer swimwear.

Work it, girl! Doutzen Kroes - Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue

Tied up, glossed up, and suited up! Karlie Kloss -

Now there’s a lucky snake. Lara Stone –

Retro glamour? Yes please! Lindsey Wixson – Lifeaficionada

Oh, she looks familiar! Sonia Dara in Sports Illustrated – two+seven featured model

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Beauty + Brains: Sonia Dara

By April 9, 2012 Models, Women
sonia slider
Sports Illustrated

Sonia Dara

Age: 22

Modeling Agency: IMG Model Management (NY, London, Milan); Nathalie Models (Paris); Munich Models; Factor Models (Atlanta, Chicago)

T Magazine

2+7: How do you juggle it? Harvard and modeling?

Sonia Dara: It definitely is not an easy task to juggle both simultaneously, therefore when I’m in school, I focus on my studies and I send my agents my schedule so they know my availabilities. If something important comes along, they let me know, otherwise I’m a full-time student. I took off Sophomore Spring and Junior Fall to pursue modeling full-time in New York in 2010. It was during that time that I switched from Elite Model Management to IMG Models.

Sports Illustrated

2+7: What sorts of projects have you been involved in in the past? What was your favorite?

SD: Some of the more notable projects I have had the opportunity to be part of include the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Laura Mercier Makeup Campaign 2010, America’s Next Top Model (S16E6), Vogue India, and the cover of Elle India in November 2010. Sports Illustrated was definitely one of the most exciting experiences I have had and it was such an honor to be the first South Asian featured.

Vogue India

2+7: How did you end up in modeling?

SD: I began in high school when I was 15 years old. I attended a modeling competition called AMTC and signed with Elite Atlanta. A few months thereafter I signed with Elite New York and spent my summers in the city.

Sports Illustrated

2+7: How would you describe your sense of style?

SD: It varies from day-to-day but I err on the side of preppy chic with a few masculine elements, such as blazers or sneakers.

Laura Mercier

2+7: What do you think about today’s fashion scene?

SD: I love how the fashion scene is continually evolving and how each season brings something new or reinvented to the table. Seems to me like floral patterns made another comeback this past fashion week. I’m personally into color blocking and those few pops of color in a monotone outfit.

Sports Illustrated

2+7: How do you feel about celebrities and musicians who are becoming models now? Do you see them as competitors?

SD: One thing that took me a few years to learn is that each model has their own strengths and traits to offer. I don’t like to go into a casting thinking I’m competing with every girl in the room. I much rather prefer going in with the mentality of creating a connection with the client. As for the celebrities and musicians turning models, I’m all for it. I congratulate them on their success and hope to one day be able to follow suit in bridging multiple industries.

2+7: What do you think is your signature characteristics?

SD: I’ve been fortunate enough to be one of the few Indian models on the scene sporting an American passport. I believe I bring about a different flavor when it comes to diversity on certain jobs.

2+7: Worst go-see?

SD: Hmm… I know I’m fairly enthusiastic when it comes to go-sees because I know there are many aspiring models who would love to be in my shoes and have the opportunity to meet clients. But if I had to choose my least favorite types of go-sees, it would have to be the “cattle calls” that ask for “all brunettes” from every top agency and you find yourself sitting alongside 300 stunning girls for a few hours. It’s intimidating but then again, that’s the industry.

2+7: What’s your idea of beauty?

SD: I remember being asked this question during my Laura Mercier shoot and my answer is still the same today where I believe beauty is from within and confidence in oneself is very powerful.

2+7: What do you think about society’s negative perception towards models?

SD: It’s understandable that society will have these negative perceptions since they are exposed to much of the negative press, such as underweight models, etc. It is an evolving industry and hopefully one with a learning curve. Steps are being made towards setting BMI limits during fashion week and agents are doing a better job at making sure their girls are healthy. In terms of the “party life” that some parents build up in their minds, it’s not necessarily true. You make this job what you want it to be. For me, I took it very seriously and was as professional as possible – never late to castings or jobs, being respectful to my agents and clients, and going to bed and getting my rest. Especially when I had my hiatus from Harvard, I knew I did not want to waste any time fooling around.

Sports Illustrated

2+7: Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

SD: Unsure to be completely honest. Possibly still working for Deutsche Bank, where I am interning this summer in the Investment Banking Division.

2+7: Last 5 songs, played on your iPod?

SD: “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Ingrid Michaelson; “When I’m Small” by Phantogram; “Nightcall” by Kavinsky; “Levels in Reverse (George Monev Remix)” by Avicii; “Steve McQueen” by M83; “Summertime Sadness” by Lana del Rey

2+7: What’s next?

SD: Graduation! I’m walking this year with the Harvard Class of 2012 but I still have one more year of school to complete. Like I mentioned, this summer I’m working for Deutsche Bank in New York, so we will see where that leads me!

More on Sonia >> IMG Models

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True Beauty: Minyoung Cheong

By March 13, 2012 Models, Women

Photographed by Melissa Rodwell for Kurv Magazine, Fall 2011

Modeling Agency:  Fenton Moon Modeling Agency

Age:  22

two + seven: What sorts of projects have you been involved in in the past? What was your favorite?

Minyoung Cheong:

Here are some projects I have been involved in:

  • W magazine Asia promotional video
  • Kurv Magazine (Australian magazine)
  • Whitney Houston “Million Dollar Bill” music video
  • VELUX advertisement
  • JOICO advertisement
  •  Look book for OAK clothing line

I also walked the runway for several fashion designers like Nary Manivog (Ally Hilfigure works side by side with this designer), Alice Ritter, Aparna Desgupta, and many more! If I had to pick a favorite job it would be being a part of Whitney’s video because not only was I in the video having a blast dancing I even got to see her and sit next to her between shooting! She was my favorite singer and it was an honor to have met her!

2+7: How did you end up in modeling?

MC: I actually wanted sing and act before I decided to start modeling. I had several random people come up to me asking if I wanted to model. I didn’t take it seriously until I went to a casting for a Korean modeling agency  in New York. I did not make the cut but that did not stop me from going to other open calls in New York! In the beginning, I was freelancing from several different agencies but now I’m signed and it’s been great!

Photographed  by Melissa Rodwell for Kurv Magazine, Fall 2011

Photographed by Melissa Rodwell for Kurv Magazine, Fall 2011

2+7: Do you still pursue your passion for singing? If so how do you balance that with modeling?

MC: Well, in high school I was always singing! I was involved in 4 different choirs and I got to sing in places like Carngie Hall, Lincoln Center, and City Opera. However, I stopped pursuing that after high school and just have been singing in church. I recently decided to get back into singing so I’ll be auditioning to get into the classical voice program at my school next semester. My agent is very understanding and flexible so it’s possible to work around my schedule with modeling. But if I have a very high paying modeling gig of course I won’t give that up. Haha!


2+7: What’s your idea of beauty?

MC: I think beauty really comes from inside. I know, it’s very cliché of me to say this but I truly believe this is true. For an example if someone is physically attractive and has a terrible personality, attitude, and etc. that person is VERY unattractive to me. The ideal person I see as beautiful is someone who has a good heart, good moral values, not a hypocrite, great personality, and someone who is humble. You can be physically deformed for all I care as long as you are beautiful inside? You are more than beautiful to me.

Photographed by Jerris Madison for Obvious Magazine, Fall 2010

2+7: What sorts of struggles have you gone through while modeling and how did you overcome it?

MC: I have been to castings where the clients told me “you are too short ” or ” you are not thin enough” and turned me away. As an Asian model it’s a little harder for us to book certain jobs because clients usually want the typical American model ( fair skin,blonde hair, blue eyes) so it took me about a year and half to actually book a good paying modeling job.  This really played with my self esteem at first and thought about quitting numerous times. But, I remembered my Taekwondo master (Joseph Lupo Jr.) always telling me “Quitters never win. And winners never quit.” I also spent a lot of time praying. I asked God to give me the strength and the confidence to keep on going and I continued to do my best to keep my skin clear and my body fit and it’s been great!

2+7: Any beauty tips you’d like to share with us?

MC: LESS IS MORE! Haha I’m sure you’ve heard that before. For everyday makeup all you need is a little bit of concealer, face powder, mascara, light eyeliner, and lip moisturizer. It’s totally fine to apply liquid foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, and all that on special occasions. But, I think one looks best when they look natural. Always thoroughly clean your skin before you go to bed! Take off your makeup with makeup remover, exfoliate with jojoba bead based cleanser so you won’t scratch or irritate your skin (I use AVEDA facial scrub), wipe your face with cotton balls/pads with astringent, and always apply moisturizer! It will be best for your skin to use more natural products. I use to struggle with acne and I still have breakouts during my “monthly” during these times I use salicylic acid based moisturizer,spot treatments, and I also steam my face to really get all that dirt and grime out of my pores. So the best thing to do is keeping your skin CLEAN!

Follower her: @MinyoungC

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Thistle Guevara

By March 8, 2012 Models, Women
Source: Leah Lanilim

Modeling Agency:   Elite Manila

Age: 23

two + seven: What sorts of projects have you been involved in in the past? What was your favorite?

Thistle Guevara: I did ramp modelling, magazine editorials and print ads. Of course, my favorite would be print ads and magazine editorials simply because you see the outcome of your work in tangible form, say, in pictures. It’s always a challenge to be able to show your creativity in how you’ll be able to make a masterpiece out of that picture and how you’ll be able to sell or make that product look good .

2+7: How did you end up in modeling?

TG: Someone approached me while I was at the mall. Years ago. I didn’t take modeling seriously up until 2010. It took a while before I got used to the demands of modeling.

Source: Elite Manila

2+7:  How would you describe your sense of style?

TG: My philosophy is—to look like a woman you have to look like a queen. I like looking regal, say, I pair a plain shirt with an artsy and big piece of jewelry, and my hair is just pulled back. I like Grecian dress designs. I love gold accessories, I like the color black. And I am not afraid to go against the norm. I wear what looks good on my body rather than wear current trends even if they don’t suit me.

2+7: What do you think about Manila’s growing fashion scene?

TG: I am impressed that Manila is starting to love their own. I love that more people are able to express their individual style through clothing.

Source: Elite Manila

2+7: What’s your idea of beauty?

TG: Ideally, beauty is symmetry. Realistically, beauty is knowing how to work with your best assets.

2+7:  Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

TG: Being a household name in my field of profession. Striving to be my best while wearing different hats, I hope my hardwork will soon pay off.

Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets (2009) from Maria Pettersson on Vimeo.

2+7:  Last 5 songs, played on your iPod?


Ellie Goulding-Lights

Ellie Goulding-Under the Sheets

Fugees-Ready or Not

Drake-Still got it

Rihanna and Jay-z-Talk that talk

2+7: If you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing?

TG: I’d be a lawyer. Or a Banker.

2+7: Tell us about a typical day when you’re casting.

TG: Oh…I actually wake up early to get dolled up. Struggle through Manila traffic to get to my destination. Fall in line and wait for my turn to audition. Be my most vibrant self ever. And lastly, pray that I get the job.

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The Haunted

By November 17, 2011 Models, Women
Source: Chassey Reyes

Source: Chassey Reyes

Halloween might be over but our ghoulish tendencies have lingered. Last week, two + seven, with by model Jay Wen, went to Brooklyn’s Greenwood Cemetery to visit the dead and rekindle our inner goth. We put a little fashion twist on Stephen King’s eerie twins from The Shining and mingled with the ideas of loss and moving forward. Check out the rest of the photos here.

Source: Chassey Reyes

Source: Chassey Reyes

Source: Chassey Reyes

Source: Chassey Reyes

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