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Kelly Marie Dooley 2.0

By October 18, 2015 Influencers, Stylists


We are so excited to have Kelly back on two+seven. The past year has been a journey for Kelly and through hardship she has come out on the other side stronger and bolder than ever before. Today, we chat with her about what she is up to these days, her business endeavors and her personal style. More from our Q&A with Kelly Marie Dooley:

What are you up to these days? 

In addition to my full-service branding agency, called KellyDooley Official, I am also developing three start ups:

(1) Zoukbox, a Korean-based luxury headphones brand for whom I am Creative Director (they even have a Rhodium pair that contains six individual speakers, meaning three in each ear-thus enabling us to introduce hybrid technology into the US market, which does not currently exist here.)


(2) Hagen Premium Coffee for whom I am the Creative Director (even the Royal Family drinks these beans).

(3) My new company – Strenue, meaning Energetically in Latin, and the tagline line is Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit, meaning “Nothing Comes From Nothing.” In addition to being my new activewear line, Strenue is also going to be an e-commerce platform that unifies art, beauty, fashion, health, home goods, learning, philanthropy, and wellness in a way that has not been done before. Strenue will also have a digital magazine called The Siren. More to come this month.


Originally from California, moving to NYC and now back on the West Coast? How has your style changed over the years?

I have always had a unique sense of style, but it has certainly evolved over the years. For example, with the exception of one, I sold all of my Herve Leger dresses, as I do not like to wear clothing that is overly sexy because I do not want to attract that type of attraction from men. Being petite yet curvy, I am very conscious of my “assets” and I do not want to send the wrong message.

Some of my go-to brands are the following:

(1) For denim, Diesel, G-Star and R13; (2) For lingerie, Agent Provocateur and La Perla; (3) For everyday and gym tanks, Forever 21 and H&M; (4) For high-tops, Barbara Bui, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Adidas, Supra; (5) For swimwear, PINK by Victoria’s Secret; (6) For leather and other essentials, Barbara Bui; (7) For dresses and evening wear, Jovani, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavali.

“To sum up my style, I’d say: high fashion rocker fit.”

What is your signature look?

DSC07640My signature look has changed since moving to California. For several years, I was infamous for what is called the “croissant bouffant,” another name for “pompadour” and hot pink lips. I still rock the pomp sometimes but I have transitioned to wearing my hair down more often for a few reasons; namely, because it is not humid in SoCal, I can wear my hair down without over-heating and my hair will last throughout the day. I have a lot of hair but it’s really fine, so it gets messed up very easily.

Secondly, with my hair down in NYC, men were vultures. I do not like that type of attention. Wearing my hair up in a funky do was an effective way to deter some of that attention. Since I have a convertible, that also impacts how I wear my hair for the day. Thus, it’s weather and appointment dependent. Needless to say, I always have my detangling comb. In California, men are much more respectful. I still wear my pink lips but not every day. I also wear various shades of nude and red. I like to mix it up now. I love mixing high and low brands to create an overall look – classy laced with edginess.

Does designer clothing = Style? How can you have style at any budget?

Oh no! Some people have all the money in the world but do not know how to dress themselves. A keen sense of style does not require a bottomless bank account. Nothing is sexier than confidence. Women should dress for their bodies, choosing silhouettes that are flattering and boost their confidence. Talk that talk and walk that walk!


What is your favorite color?

I cannot choose one. Sorry! I love fuchsia, amethyst, turquoise, gold, gunmetal, kelly green and burnt orange.

What are 3 things we didn’t know about you?

  • I know sign language
  • I go to church every Sunday
  • I am a master chef!

Interested in connecting with Kelly? Here us how you can get connected.

Facebook: Strenue and Kelly Dooley Official

Instagram: @thenomadfashionista and @strenueofficial

Photography by: Charles Alexander and Savage Haus Photography


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Favorite Things from Selena of the Siren of Mod

By August 27, 2012 Influencers, Stylists

She’s mad for mod, and so much more. Writer, blogger and fashion maven Selena of the Siren of Mod is drawn to all things 60s, 70s and 80s rock-and-roll. “My mom told me that my recent outfits remind her of Boy George. Sweet!” she says of her eclectic look.  See what Selena is coveting right now: chunky boots, tie dyed tees, and more.  Trust us, you won’t be able to resist this siren’s call!

“I started The Siren of Mod a little less than a year ago after spending several years e-stalking other fashion bloggers. Think: Bleach Black and Jean Greige. In my previous job positions, I’d already spent so much time working on blogs for other people, so I decided to satiate my craving for self-expression in my favorite form. A crucial difference about my blog versus my experience of the vast majority of “fashion blogs” is that my sense of style veers away from what is typical, predictable or mainstream. My taste is different and so is my blog. Plus, I actually write about stuff. Personally, there’s just so much going on in my head that I can’t help but want to write about it.” -Selena, the Siren of Mod

My top essentials right now: Faded tie-dye, Kimonos, Bike Shorts, Rainbow-Pastel Prints, Chunky Platforms and lots and lots of 90′s -inspired jewelry. I cannot get enough of the 90′s-grunge-meets-2012! Here are some of my favorites:

1. Bike shorts, $28 American Apparel

2. Athena Procopiou Kimono, $495 Net-a-Porter

3. Munster Chunky Platforms, $220 Jeffrey Campbell

4. Vintage Tie-Dye top, $60 Tunnel Vision

Want more?


 Twitter: @thesirenofmod

Instagram: @thesiren

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Putting it All Together: Stylist Haley Lowenthal

By June 27, 2012 Influencers, Stylists

Haley Lowenthal knows a thing or two about putting together an outfit. As a fashion stylist here in the Big Apple, Haley has worked with prominent names in the biz (including two+seven featured designer, Timo Weiland) styling everything from lookbooks to editorials.  two + seven caught up with the busy fashionista about her background,  her projects, and what it’s like for a stylist to get dressed in the morning (“It’s a process!” she says).

two + seven: Give us some background: How did you get involved with styling?

Haley Loewenthal: I always wanted to be involved in styling. I grew up hooked on reading magazines and knew I wanted to be the person involved in creating all the beautiful editorials. It was during a college internship I learned who that person was.

After I graduated, I worked on a few feature films in costume design and then landed my first “real” job at Gilt Groupe. So I sort of started my career off with a good background in creative and then business/e-commerce.

Images: Brooklyn Magazine

2+7: What’s easier: styling lookbooks or editorial? What’s more fun for you?

HL: I’m not sure one is necessarily easier than the other. I have a big background in e-commerce, so styling for the consumer comes naturally to me, but editorials are definitely where the fun is at; there is more room to create art. Styling look books is sort of like completing a puzzle, you must make each piece fit and create a story and continuity within the collection.

I love collaborating with all of the talented minds on set; it’s what keeps things interesting. It can definitely be a difficult situation having a difference of opinions, you are dealing with so many different personality types! But as long as I keep an open heart, things always seem to fall into place…and if not, on to the next project!


2+7: Many stylists are branching out as designers. Is this a path you would ever consider?

HL: It’s very true and I can see why so many do. I’ve never really been interested in designing but I would love to work on a collaborating with a designer.

2+7: Considering you style other people all the time, do you ever have trouble deciding what to wear yourself?

HL: Yes! Getting dressed in the morning is always a process for me. My closet is jam packed and its very hard to sift through, so putting on clothes is sometimes a war. I usually just through on a sweater and jeans to work in. Sstyling is definitely not glamorous and I need to be able to run around comfortably.

2+7: What’s next? Any upcoming projects or collaborations?

HL: I’m finally giving myself a little vacation. I’m off to California with my boyfriend! Since last fashion week, we’ve been attempting a holiday, but work kept popping up, so six months later we are off! When we return, I’m doing a really fun editorial for Stylecaster, but that’s all I will be able to say for now, so stayed tuned in for that one!

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