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Spring Cleaning Queen

By March 6, 2014 DIY, Guest Posts, Influencers, Trending, Uncategorized

Fashion writer and two+seven guest blogger Morgan Gray offers her tips and tricks for the ultimate closet cleanup.

Boy, has it been a long winter, and am I looking forward to getting my spring rituals started. Usually I dread spring cleaning, but now that this winter is—hopefully!—coming to an end, I’m relishing every chance I can to shake it out of my closet. Together, I think we can come up with some great ways to revamp our wardrobes and shine in the spring sun!

1. Try everything on.

I know, I know. This is exhausting. But what I do every year as spring is starting to come around is take one afternoon and just get down to business. Cancel your appointments, treat yourself to a nice dinner afterward, and spend a few hours in your closet. As you go along, be harsh—it’s the only way to parse down your closet. Ask yourself, “Does this still really suit me?” “Do I still wear this color?” “How long have I had this?” I’ve read someplace that you should go with the two-year rule: if you’ve had something two years and haven’t worn it in that time, give it up—solid advice, though hopefully something hasn’t been hanging sadly in your closet that long! Appraise everything and know your own style, though it may have changed since you bought those bright pink strap wedges!

2. Sort, sort, sort.

I recently came across this cute closet organization checklist from RedEnvelope, which inspired me to develop a strategic method to my madness. As you go along, organize your clothes into different piles. I usually start with three piles: Keep, Donate, Discard. It’s pretty straightforward, but can be difficult! Easiest is the Discard pile; I only throw things in there that are utterly beyond repair. Deciding what to give away, though, is definitely harder. As you go along, be generous: are you really going to wear that again, or could somebody else enjoy it? Those baggy dresses that were so in a few years ago, for example, are going to be a few in my “Donate” pile—well, maybe I’ll keep one or two! Make notes of the things that you have that you can mix and match—it’s okay to be nerdy and write out your outfits!—and make a shopping list for items you still need. Looking into my closet now, I see a few cute cardigans I haven’t worn in a few months that could do with a nice orange or red tank top. I rarely go to the mall without a specific plan, and after months of hibernation I could stand to treat myself to a few essential outfit items!

3. Donate!

Finally, what you don’t keep, discard, or trade away to your friends (consider a clothing swap!), donate to a good cause. There are a lot of statistics about the tons and tons of wasted clothing rotting in landfills, so let’s not contribute to that. When you look at your Donate pile from your closet, sort it further: what needs to be washed? Repaired? Don’t give clothes that are dirty or broken—that’s just rude! Perform any small repairs yourself if you can, and hand in clothes as fresh as possible to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. There are bound to be local shelters in your area that would be happy to take your clothes; I know there’s a women’s shelter near me that I regularly take my used clothing to, and I know they give them straight to the women they help. When you clean your closet, you can also clean your conscience!

With a method and a little patience, you can certainly spruce up your wardrobe and make room for that very-well-deserved summer dress!

More about Morgan: Morgan is a writer-at-heart from New York with a degree in Communications. She’s currently looking to devote more time to her own blog over at, and to connect and share with online communities.

Image Credits: Rubbermaid Products on FlickrRachel A.K, LuckyMagazine,,

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We Are The Somethings Holiday Gift Guide

By December 18, 2013 Guest Posts, Influencers

Tick tock, shopping procrastinators! With Christmas only about a week away, it’s time to wrap up (and start wrapping) those purchases. Still need to check a few things off the list?  Finish up your last minute holiday shopping with sweet little somethings from the gals of We Are The Somethings.



Pauline‘s List

1. Loren Stewart safety pin earrings in rose gold

2. Family of Flamingos (Because they are ridiculous and amazing)

3. Gray Malin High

Nancy‘s List

4. Electric Love Dreamcatcher

5. Edie Parker Clutch

6. Tabitha Simmons Heart Flats

Casey‘s List

7. SFK Deluxe Camera Strap from Mr. Larkin

8. Kathleen Whitmaker Double Post Earrings

9. Score & Solder Large Cube Planter


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It’s A Woman’s World For Boys Who Blog About Fashion

By October 23, 2013 Bloggers, Guest Posts, Influencers

There are hundreds of articles out there discussing the rise of menswear in the fashion industry, but none answering a more pressing question: Where are all the menswear bloggers?

Here the bloggers themselves give their take on why female bloggers are still dominating the fashion genre and what got them started in blogging.

Sergio of What My Boyfriend Wore

 ”I’m not surprised there are fewer male bloggers; I think it’s directly proportional to the amount of men who have the confidence to dress in a way that allows them to express their individual style. Unfortunately, guys don’t really boost each other to dress well; in fact they take the opposite approach and rather berate each other for trying, whereas woman will praise one another for looking good. Men also get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion anyway, walk into any high street retailer or department store and you’ll find the menswear department is nothing less than a quarter of the size of the Ladies department.”

“I enjoy the research that goes into blogging; I make sure that I educate myself along with my audience. I also love the direct interaction with readers, I make a point of answering any comment or question across all my social media platforms. I think the difference between a brand and a blogger is the human to human interaction.”

David of Grey Fox

“There seems to be many, many times more female bloggers than male – and older male bloggers are almost non-existent, until Grey Fox appeared. I suppose women are generally more interested in fashion and blogging has become something of an obsession among many younger women.

Older bloggers naturally write more about age-related issues because the fashion world tends to ignore older men and women, so that naturally becomes an issue to write about. Youth will affect writing style as well – simply because of generational differences in writing style, ability and grammar. Exposure to popular culture differs as well and affects outlook and style of presentation.”

“I have no background in fashion. I practiced law and then taught. I have no idea why I’m doing this, but I enjoy writing and exploring the new world this blog has opened up. I started Grey Fox in December 2011. As an older man, it becomes increasingly difficult to decide what to wear and how to dress. This fashion and style blog is my response.”

Fraquoh and Franchomme of Attire Club

“There are by far more female fashion bloggers than male. So far, we don’t know of there being a statistic on what the percentages are, but from what we see and estimate, around 90 percent of fashion bloggers are female.”

“Today, there is a lot of prejudice when it comes to men’s style, fashion, body image and other related issues. Even though Western society has opened up a lot and keeps on doing so, there are still many people and places where style and men simply don’t go together in the respective culture’s eyes. Men’s looks are almost a complete taboo – this is why we wanted to write about these issues, to try to put them behind us and focus on building, not destroying. Even though these are difficult issues, they need to be addressed and we will continue to do so.”

 Alex from Mr Essentialist

“Absolutely – there’s a huge number of female fashion bloggers out there. When I look at menswear blogs I think we’re talking 50 noteworthy blogs. This is changing though – I really think men are becoming more conscious of the fashion choices they make. A lot of my friends are now either reading blogs themselves or even uploading selfies of their OOTDs (outfits of the day) – a natural next step is posting that on a blog. On the flip-side there’s so much noise on the internet. I definitely have my favorite blogs that I keep referring to. Some are pretty unique, others are massively successful. I just think it’s good to keep searching for new things to read and be inspired by.”

Orion from Fashion Éclair

“There is quite a huge number of female bloggers compared to male bloggers. I joined a network of fashion bloggers and most members are girls. It would be great to interact with fellow male fashion bloggers if there were more of them. If you go out in East London you’d see a lot of guys looking so stylish and it makes you wonder, where are the male bloggers? I think guys are not yet that comfortable writing about clothes and fashion. But this should change in the coming years because I believe that London is the world’s capital for menswear fashion. More guys like me are getting into fashion, and blogging is a great platform to showcase someone’s personal style. “

Joseph of UnlimitedbyJK 


“Women dominate the fashion blog community. I am often the only male blogger at many events I attend. I find that most men don’t have the same inclination as women to flaunt what they are wearing, or to review other people’s outfits. I suppose it is something to do with gender psychology.

I would certainly agree. London is referred to as the home of menswear, because much of the British menswear industry is within the capital. Savile Row in particular is argued to be the birthplace of modern menswear. However, London is also referred to as the fashion capital of the world, and there are far more opportunities in London for fashion bloggers in general, not just menswear bloggers.”

Whilst still few in number, these guys are clearly not worried about the reaction other people might have and reject any fashion stereotypes being thrown at them!

What do you think on the subject? Read more fashion blogger opinions over at Woodhouse blog.

Rhiannon is a former journalism student and writer with a mild obsession with reading scary stories.


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City Escape: Musts For Your Weekend Getaway

By August 19, 2013 Guest Posts, Influencers

When you go on a mini break, more often than not you’re confined to a carry-on—meaning that you have to make the most of your limited packing space. Be suitcase-savvy and pack smart with these mini break essentials: a selection of chic apparel and accessories that won’t compromise your style, even if you’re short on space.

The Dress

When traveling for a short amount of time, you want easy pieces which are low maintenance and can be pulled out of your suitcase and put on straightaway. Another requirement is having clothes that will take you from day-to-night in style. Up and coming designer Peter Pilotto’s Alexa printed silk-jacquard dress is simply stunning in a kaleidoscopic graphic print. The luxe, fitted design is also lightweight, and with such a versatile color scheme, you can dress it up or down.

 The Shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must, especially if you’re going to be on your feet all day sightseeing. Mirror your dress with these Ancient Greek black and white Clio sandals. Taking sartorial inspiration from antiquity, these stylish, versatile shoes ooze modern elegance and are an updated version of a timeless classic. The two-tone color palette means they will go with almost any item of clothing during your city getaway.

 The Bag

A great bag is essential for keeping all your girly necessities plus bank cards and travel documents together in one place. Luxury handbag designer Kate Spade has an extensive portfolio of bags from small crossbodies through to large totes. The Leroy Street Vivienne handbag is a city break must-have. Oozing functionality, charm and demure beauty, this handbag is big enough to fit all your essentials but small and light enough to tote around all day.  Made from fine leather, this handbag is stylish, functional and durable—a winning combination.

The Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, opt for pieces that are both chic and adaptable. Jewelry can completely transform an outfit, so remember that less is sometimes more—which is great if you are short on suitcase space. This luxurious white Japanese Akoya Pearl Bracelet from Winterson is delicate, feminine and highly sophisticated. Made using the Akoya Pearl (which is renowned for it’s faultless round shape) this piece radiates timeless and effortless elegance. It also features an 18 carat gold lobster clasp which adds to this piece’s luxury.


Rebecca Jones is an ardent fan of fashion.  She is constantly on the lookout for the latest styles and trends and when she is not perusing the highstreet, she is often found browsing the virtual shopping aisles at Winterson.   

 Cover Image Credit:

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A Time to Shine: Cosmetic Trends

By January 21, 2013 Guest Posts, Influencers

Whether shimmering in post-holiday metallics or spring’s peachy palette with sheen, beauty’s online trends reveal it’s time to glow, girl! Get ready to put on your shades because the digital beauty landscape is looking mighty bright with shimmer, shine and metallics—lighting the way across the websites of the major cosmetics brands and retailers. The trend in shiny cosmetics is centered around “heavy metal” silvers and golds of the holiday season, transitioning to an unexpected glossy twist to the soft pinks and roses on tap for spring. From drugstore brands to department store staples, this trend transcends every level of retail.

Drugstore brands — and arch rivals – Revlon and Maybelline are both hawking metallic eye products on their sites. Revlon is showcasing its Photo Ready Sparkle Shadow with a dramatic shot of longtime spokeswoman Halle Berry wearing the product in shimmery shades from the line’s Watercolors palette, which include shades of purple, rose and gray.

Maybelline is promoting long-wear shimmer in its Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal Collection, a cream gel shadow the brand touts as an ink technology that creates intense, long-lasting color saturation. The cream formula is designed to glide on without creasing and maintain its color vibrancy. The five palettes include pink, nude, silver, gold and electric blue.

Among the prestige brands at department stores, Estee Lauder and Lancome both weighed in on the shine trend in eye color. Estee Lauder is marketing Pure Color, a collection of intense color cosmetics that’s heavy on the metallic effect with wide-ranging shades themed around metals, including Bold Cobalt, Pink Zinc and Steel. Pure Color is comprised of pure pigments in a creamy shadow formulated to literally go on like finger paint. Light-emitting dimensional pearls create shimmer to high-metallic finishes.

Lancome got a head start on posting its Spring Color story, called In Love, showcased on “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson, looking romantic and all grown up in a pretty palette of pinks. Crease-free seems to be the hot benefit of the season’s eye shadows. Like Lauder, Lancome calls out this feature in its eye product, Color Design Infinite 24H shadow, which shimmers in peach, pink, lilac and three other shades.

Lancome’s social media spokeswoman, YouTube star Michelle Phan, demonstrates on the company’s video tutorial page how a glittery eye look can be attained for a night out with your BFFs.

Sephora puts its own spin on the glitter look in its online The Glossy trend report. As Sephora puts it, to glow is not enough. Reflective makeup takes the trend to a new level. Sephora’s site advocates a total illuminated look in nudes achieved through four of its brands: NARS, Smash Box, Josie Maran and Benefit.

NARS Illuminator is a light-reflecting liquid that adds shimmering incandescence to the complexion and can be worn alone or paired with makeup for extra drama. For the lips, Sephora recommends Smashbox Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss formulated with hyaluronic acid for moisture and highly reflective pearl for high-impact, reflective shine.  For an eco-friendly option, Argan Illuminizer is formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, genetically modified organisms and triclosan. If you’re a green gal, you might want to check them out. Last but not least, Sephora highlights High Beam Complexion Enhancer by BeneFit for a radiantly dewy complexion.

To “reflect” the shimmer trend on your manicured lovelies, and save money doing it, check out Cover Girl’s high-gloss Outlast Stay Brilliant nail colors. The collection comes in 15 shades and is available at, among other sites.

*Cover image courtesy of

-Edgar Trinidad

Edgar Trinidad is a New York-based freelance communications consultant and blogger who writes about lifestyle trends. His background includes social media, editorial, copywriting and public relations. He teaches a workshop on PR and events planning at FIT’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies and indulges his TV addiction by blogging about True Blood and Dallas when he’s not updating his clients’ blogs. He can be contacted through his site:

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Craft & Culture Presents: Aoko Su

By November 29, 2012 Designers, Guest Posts, Jewelry

Ashley Jerman’s handmade jewelry is shaped by the world around her. From the structural urban to the rugged rural, the lines of the landscape find their way into her work, quietly telling stories of the American West and nature’s architecture.

AOKO SU’s aim is to make beautiful jewelry for every day. Ashley explains: “The sentiment of jewelry that’s special enough to wear everyday is really about treating every occasion like it’s an exceptional one. Like popping open a bottle of champagne that you’ve been s
aving for the perfect occasion and drinking it on Monday afternoon.”

A childhood that helped cultivate a passion for architecture and design paved the way for a life of creating beautiful things, as well as being fully involved with every step of the production process. Subscribing to Architectural Digest from the age of 11, Ashley began to learn about the artists and architects that continue to inspire her work today, such as Marcel Breuer, Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier.

AOKO SU inspires us to seek the beauty in the ‘ordinary’ to re-examine what ‘special’ really means in the context of adornment. When the occasional is just that – an exception – we can find ourselves saving a piece for a day that may never come. Look even closer and you’ll find a commitment to the use of quality materials, to the biosphere and its cherished resources. Ashley’s intense involvement with every step in production, from diamond mining to crystal cutting, makes AOKO SU a true labor of love.

About Craft & Culture

“Craft and Culture formed in early 2011 with the goal of introducing talented and independent designers to an audience of like-minded people. We felt many amazing artisans, specifically in the worlds of fashion and home objects were lacking the platform and exposure they needed to find their audience. By creating a space that values the stories, processes and ideas of these designers, we can present one-of-a-kind products in a unique way.” -Hana Ryan & McKinley Parker,

Read the full Craft & Culture feature here.

Get Social with AOKO SU:



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A Thanksgiving with Koshka

By November 19, 2012 2+7 Shops, Guest Posts, Influencers

Deciding what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner can sometimes be a challenging task when your goal is to find an outfit that fulfills the criteria of being family-approved, roomy enough to accommodate the feast at hand, yet still fashionable so that what your wearing in those family photos stand to be the least of your worries. Below are some outfit ideas that definitely fit the bill so that you’ll look and feel great for grandma and the wild amount of food you’ll inevitably consume that evening and days after.

For an easy no brainer outfit, try a regular or loose fitting dress. No pants…easy to move around in…what’s not to love?

3Lucca Couture Wine Knit Dress, $74

6. Voyage ‘Holland’ Dress, $115

Loose blouses are also a sure way to look put together without compromising comfort:

5. Voyage ‘Norway’ Top, $102

2. Something Else ‘Ochre’ Patterned Shirt, $220

For a slightly more formal look, try a beaded top and a high waisted skirt:

4. Line & Dot Cropped Pearl Jacket, $42

1. High waisted lace edge skirt, $32


About Koshka:

Koshka started in late 2010 out of our love of Japanese contemporary designers like the Dress & Co, M & Kyoko, Jazz Katze, etc. and wanting to bring some of that over to the states. Since then, we’ve broadened the scope and are now serve as a kind of platform for up and coming designers and indie designer labels from all over the world.

Want more?



Instagram Contest



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Craft & Culture Presents: Mimilamour

By November 15, 2012 Designers, Guest Posts, Influencers, Jewelry

From Paris with Love, Mimilamour is a true celebration of the creative, expressive, and cultural potential of jewelry and craftsmanship. With exquisite detailing, Gerard Gourdon blends classic chic with unique quirks to create pieces that stand apart from the norm. Coming from a distinguished career that included working at ELLE Magazine  - as well as opening and curating his own Parisian gallery – Gerard has begun a project that is intensely personal. At the same time, it has an undeniable sense of community, with bold pieces that spark intrigue and dialogue.

When asked how his hometown of Paris influences his work, Gerard explained, “the Parisian women inspire me more than the city itself. I love their effortless style, the way they mix colors, shapes, prints, old and new, high and low end. This could actually describe Mimilamour!”

'Mamba' bracelets

Most revered pieces include the ‘Mamba’ bracelets; striking snakes in silver, black and gold that coil wrists in casual opulence. Worn nonchalantly with jeans and tees, these are accessories that, as Gerard says, “combine the luxurious and the everyday…No compromise, and no fear!”

Nouvelle collection. Gold coridor

About Craft & Culture

“Craft and Culture formed in early 2011 with the goal of introducing talented and independent designers to an audience of like-minded people. We felt many amazing artisans, specifically in the worlds of fashion and home objects were lacking the platform and exposure they needed to find their audience. By creating a space that values the stories, processes and ideas of these designers, we can present one-of-a-kind products in a unique way.” -Hana Ryan & McKinley Parker,

Read the full Craft & Culture feature here.

Get social with Mimilamour:




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Packing Tips from Alex of Traveling in Heels

By October 3, 2012 Guest Posts, Influencers

Can you smell it? It’s all around. The air is crisper and cooler and the first of the leaves are starting to turn colors. Just as the trees, we begin to shed our summer layers of cotton dresses, coral polish and even ombre hair. We trade them in for darker locks, Lincoln Park After Dark, and luxe cashmere cardigans. But just because summer Fridays are over, it doesn’t mean the suitcase needs to go back under the bed.

Fall is one of my favorite times to travel. You get to take advantage of off-season rates, fewer tourists, and a change-up from restaurant menus to fun outdoor activities to partake in. two + seven asked me to style a look for three great getaways to go the fall season. Now, many travel bloggers recommend you pack only necessities and plan your wardrobe ahead of time. They also recommend couch surfing, so we’re not really going to listen to them when it comes to style.

Here’s a few of my personal packing tips:


  • What makes you feel special, but keep it practical and seasonal.
  • A fancy dress or suit jacket – even if you have no plans to meet with the Queen, you never know!
  • Options, many options – You may not get around to wearing everything, or will you…?

Voyager à Paris

Colored denim is still good stock. Keep buying and match it with a thin knit sweater to wear under a trench, like this Manoush coat that can stand against unexpected weather. Also, grab a low heel bootie that’s comfortable enough for lines at the Louvre and dressy enough for evening dining.

Pairisian Look

Pairisian Look by laconquistadora featuring linda farrow luxe

Cole haan
$595 -

3 1 phillip lim

Linda farrow luxe

MANOUSH en Roumanie


Exploring in Aspen 

Fur. There, I said it. Fur is in and when used as small accents on knitwear, it’s a little more digestible. Leather shorts in the summer were an all-around bad idea, but they’re great for fall. Keep them out and pair them with grey knit stockings or knee-highs to keep you warm. Riding boots like this Vince Camuto pair are great for questionable terrain. It’s not snowing just yet, but if you’re in the mountains these will pair well with skinny jeans, a dress and even shorts (though not recommended for hiking).

Aspen Layers

Boatneck shirt

Alice Olivia alice olivia
$600 -

Trasparenze striped patterned tight
$25 -

Hand knit hat
$125 -


Caribbean Cruising

Traveling to the Caribbean in the fall or winter is what makes Resort Collections so special. While everyone’s still in the office after dark, you’re stripping down and soaking up the UV’s. Try matching a swimsuit and dress that compliment each other and work when wet. Try out this Anthropologie crochet dress, which shows off this sexy Zimmerman one piece. Pair it with flats that have a touch of hardware to bring out a little edge.

Caribbean Getaway Look


There you have it. My three looks for fall travel. For more traveling tips and looks head over to

Safe travels,


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Erin Fetherston SS 2013 Show + The Cut Party

By September 6, 2012 Guest Posts, Influencers

One Party of a Presentation: the Erin Fetherston Show 

With a few presentations under my belt, I’ve never once felt like I came unprepared. Chic ensemble, heels of course, phone and camera ready to profess, but no gift in hand. The Erin Fetherston Spring/Summer 2013 unveiling was more chic Standard birthday party than fashion week presentation. From cocktail to floor length, dresses took center stage against a backdrop of the Hudson River, over sized white balloons, and a sea of sun kissed models with Erin’s signature bangs.

Erin didn’t shy away from texture. Feathers and beads highlighted refreshing knee length looks, resembling the 1920′s. With the Royal family’s recent media push and shows like Mad Men and Downtown Abbey, is it too soon to wish for a return to femininity and romantic cuts? In other words, put the Herve Leger bandage away!

Erin’s California roots could be identified from the tie-die and fading in flowing, cinched and even ruched chiffon in colors like yellow and a blood orange that could challenge 2012′s Pantone color of the year, Tangerine Tango.

But just as long as the dresses graced the floor, short suits with statement making blazers debuted with a metallic twist on floral.

A personal favorite of mine was a dress that nicely balanced feathers, a reoccurring trend from fall and a racer back that accentuates a woman’s sexy backside. An instant flashback to Ms. Bradshaw’s beloved ballet skirt in the opening credits, but that rivals the tulle.

All in all, the whimsical and flirty DNA in Erin Fetherston’s blood delights us yet again in a collection tied together by color and elegance.

The Cut Party Coverage

Afterwards, I headed over to the Nomad Hotel for The Cut party,  hosted by New York Magazine.  Here’s the deets:

  • Relaunch of
  • Held at Nomad Hotel
  • Attendees: Mary Alice Stephenson, Man Repeller, Coco Rocha
  • Current issue: Kim Kardashian (aaaaahhhhh)

Alex with Carmen Villafane, Associate Social Media Manager for NY Magazine


-Alex Avila, Traveling in Heels

Traveling In Heels

Behind every over sized suitcase should be a fabulously chic woman ready to take on the world as she doesn’t know it. Traveling-in-Heels is an online destination for women who want to marry travel and style. Proactively, I documented my travel expeditions and created a platform to share them with others. 


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Uniform Style

By September 4, 2012 Guest Posts, Influencers

Well another Labor Day’s complete, and with that symbolic passing of Summer, despite my many years removed, I still get that Back to School feeling. New beginnings, new clothes.  Working in fashion, this sense of a September renaissance is particularly strong and a big reminder you’re gonna need new clothes!

Or do you? Because for some of the style elite it’s never out with the old. These are the fashion flock that have carved out a signature uniform and they’re sticking to it. So in honor of back to school, let’s salute those who took the school uniform mentality for life.

Karl Lagerfeld: ‘The Kaiser’ is always re-inventing the Chanel aesthetic, but when it comes to his personal look expect a prety defined cacophony of lace, rings and black. Sunglasses? Gloves? A must no matter what or where. But Karl isn’t without experimentation. After all, he tries on and disposes the latest ‘It Girl” actress or socialite with a fervor like no other.

Emmanuelle Alt: Art school rebellion perfected, the Vogue Paris Editor in Chief has a uniform of the oh-so-hip skinny jeans, slouchy, untucked t and blazer combination. Somehow Ms. Alt has managed to effortlessly nail that sexy and laid back style we all strive to emulate.

Annie Leibovitz: Too focused to worry about trends, on-call Conde Nast photographer Annie Leibovitz wants pieces that don’t interfere with her work. Whether shooting glitzy, old Hollywood style covers for Vanity Fair or more intimate features for VOGUE she’s always wearing a stoic, streamlined look of turtleneck or muted men’s dress shirt and her signature wire glasses.

Lynn Yaeger: Enraptured by the Japanese designs of Comme des Garcon, fashion writer Lynn Yaeger is a theatrical celebration of volume, pleating and proportion. She tops it off with carefully applied kabuki cupid lips, exaggerated cheeks and a fiery red prince valiant ‘do. This is a look all her own and one, I have to say, makes me smile every time I see her.

Michael Kors: Never will you see fashion designer Michael Kors wearing eccentric clothing. His is an old money, preppy style of black blazer, t-shirt, jeans and a fresh from Saint-Tropez tan. It works for a man who is known for his classic, jet-set sophistication and quick whit.

One Mane Look

The fashion flock is well known for some signature hair styles too.

Anna Wintour: Much ado has been made of the American Vogue editor in chief’s long love affair with the pageboy. Sleek and severe, this style says “I mean business” and “I’m not at the whim of trends.”

Chris Benz: This up and coming designer has a lot of youthful energy that pops right from the top with his bright pink spikey do.

Pat Field: Of course this wacky wardrobe designer and stylist (Umm, you might have noticed her outfits for “Sex and the City”) has a shock of wild punch red hair. Every look from Pat field is all about being noticed.

  -Mac Smith, It Can’t All Be Dior writer and lover of cats, coats, and cake.

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Fall Fashion for the Fellas: from the Experts at Northern Threads

By August 21, 2012 Guest Posts, Influencers

Fall Fashion for Your Man

This is a guest post from the guys at Northern Threads  – A menswear store in the UK specialising in designer labels for the fashion conscious gent.

Autumn/winter is an exciting time for your man’s wardrobe – especially when you factor in the leaps forward menswear (and the approach of men towards their personal style) that have been made in recent years. Men are no longer faced with having to choose from seemingly endless rails of drab shirts and dour trousers – imagination has been injected into the menswear scene by innovative new designers.

However, this doesn’t mean some misguided fellas out there won’t make some massive fashion faux-pas, so here’s a handy and concise guide that you can use as a basis for pointing your man in the right direction this fall.

It’s worth noting that general trends for autumn/winter haven’t changed too much in the past couple of seasons, for example knits, gilets, woollen hats plus sweater/shirt combos are all making an appearance again for 2012. It’s the patterns, prints and colours that continuously change and this is where most men trip up. So here we go…


This is something that comes round again and again; mainly because a lot of menswear strands use military apparel as inspiration. The current crop of camo designs on the market mostly cropped up in streetwear at the tail end of 2011, then exploded into almost every collection for spring/summer 2012. It’s a great choice to make for fall 2012 but now its appearance is more muted – a flash of it on a pocket of a tee or strip panels down the sides is the way to go.

Classic shirt & sweater

You know that checked or chambray shirt you bought him for the summer? It’ll still stand him in good stead for this coming season; simply button it all the way up and throw a nice knit or sweater on top. The best thing about this simple combination is how you choose to take it – go for the smarter option with a pair of trousers and a trusty pair of Grenson shoes, or wear it casual with a cap and pair of chinos.

Dot patterns

Whether it is polka dots, pin dots or even the mysterious ‘Moon print’ as seen on YMC’s button down shirt; small white aligned, repeated dots against a darker background colour are popping up quite often. There’s a reason for this – because they look great!

Liam Gallagher’s label Pretty Green that is influenced by all things Sixties has brought back the retro polka dot and printed it onto fresh new designs for the modern man. This is a look to be seen in for sure.


No matter what your style, a decent trainer (or sneaker if you will) is a staple choice of footwear for any man. Let me guess, you read the word ‘trainer’ and instantly an image of a running shoe sprung to mind right? Well fear not because the sneaker world is bulging with tasteful designs for all men. Don’t believe us? Check out the latest releases from skate shoe specialist Vans or the exciting collaboration between Adidas and Ransom.

These points should go some way to steering your other half in the right direction. Any queries? Stick them in the comments below and we’ll try to help you out.

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