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A Look Back: Then & Now

By July 17, 2016 Bloggers, Influencers

When two+seven was started, the goal was to feature designers, photographers, influencers and talented people that didn’t have budgets to share their stories and passion. Now, six years later, in different cities and stages of life we decided to look back and see where the talented influencers are now.

THEN: 2012 with Danielle Bernstein from We Wore What


 NOW in 2016,

Danielle Bernstein is one of the top fashion bloggers. With 37.8K twitter followers, 160K Facebook likes 1.4M Instagram followers it’s clear that Danielle is paving the way with her unique style.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.49.13 PM

THEN: 2012 with Samantha Hutchinson of “could i have that?


NOW in 2016,

Samantha Hutchinson is now not only one of the top fashion bloggers with 8K Twitter, 37K Facebook, 18KPinterest and 118K Instagram but also a wife and mom. Her blog shares her life and love of fashion, family and design.



 THEN: 2012 with Felicia Benson of This That Beauty


“Beauty Essentials from Felicia of This That Beauty”

NOW in 2016,

Felicia Benson knows all things beauty and fashion. As a beauty expert and style writer, Felicia Walker Benson pours her heart and soul into her passion for fashion and beauty. She has grown her followers and family since we last spoke with her but still dominates the beauty blogger space inspiring women daily. More from Felicia on Facebook@ThisThatBeautyYouTube, and Instagram.


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Our Favorite Instagram Maven: LULAMELISSA

By March 11, 2014 Bloggers, Influencers

With its enticing visual display, array of face-flattering filters and instant-gratification sharing ability, its no wonder that Instagram has become the choice social media app of millennials across the globe.  Since its introduction in 2010, the photography app quickly gained mass popularity, currently with over 150 million monthly users. But amidst the feeds of gratuitous #selfies and plated #foodporn, a few artistic gems remain to be seen, harboring feeds that are not just an extension of Facebook pages, but are true cohesive projects with distinct artistic aesthetics.

One of those artists (or visual journalists) is Melissa Adames, known to her 11,500+ followers as LULAMELISSA—a true Instagram Maven and VSCO Cam Goddess. With a beautiful, fluid feed, this Fashion Institute of Technology grad shows a peaceful New York City from her point of view, through sunlit shots of brownstones and brick buildings, artfully executed lattes and street style shots of her low-key (yet totally cool) outfits. two+seven caught up with Melissa to find out a little bit more about her Instagram, and what she does when she’s not posting  gorgeous pics of city sights (she’s a paralegal by day,who would have thought!). Read on for our exclusive interview, and don’t forget to follow Melissa at @LULAMELISSA!


two+seven: Give us some background: what inspired you to create your Instagram?

Melissa Adames: I started my Instagram right when the app first came out just about three years ago.  At the time, Instagram was really only used for photography purposes from the photos I came across.  The people that I have been following since then inspired me to use my feed in the same way, and I still follow some of them today!


2+7: With over 11,000 followers, you definitely have an undeniable presence on Instagram! What do you think it is about your feed that users love so much?

MA: I get this question a lot, and it’s always a little tricky to answer! But I personally think what attracts people to my Instagram are my photos as a whole.  I like to have a nice flow to my photos, and edit them in a way where they go together.  I think it helps that I live in a great city like NYC with visual inspiration literally everywhere. I also think a big thing that I notice: some people have no interaction with their followers. It’s so nice that people take the time out of their day to leave a comment on my photo, and it’s also a great reassurance that they actually do like the photos I’m posting.  I always try to respond to my followers whether it’s a simple thank you or answering how I edit my photos.


2+7: Your feed has a unified, definitive look to it. Tell us a little more about your aesthetic and photography style.

MA: I would describe my Instagram style as a visual journal.  I love to share with my followers the beautiful things I see every day, like an apartment building or a new coffee shop I went to.  I also like to show them what inspires me so I’ll post photos of magazine covers or a cool display I saw at a store.  I might decide not to post a photo due to poor lighting/quality, so I’ll sacrifice that in order to keep a good flow on my profile. When I’m able to control the photo, I think placement and lighting is key, but otherwise I’ll just randomly snap a photo of something that catches my eye and hope for the best in the editing process.  The VSCO Cam app works wonders! The filters have great quality and there are so many features that you are able to change up in your photos.

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 1.23.43 PM

2+7: What does Melissa do when she’s not Instagramming?

MA: When I’m not Instagramming I’m doing the usual 9-5 job. I work at a law firm as a paralegal in the Empire State Building (great perk about working so high up is I’m always able to get some great shots of the view).  If not there, then I’m doing yoga in the East Village, meeting up with friends to wander around city, trying out new places to eat, and going to concerts.  I’m also a big fan of tumblr and pinterest for creativity so I try to set up a little time in my day after work to go on either site for inspiration as well.


2+7: Where do you see the future of your feed taking you? Where do you want it to go?

MA: I would love my feed to keep opening doors for me. So far I did an event with a photography studio last year which was one of the best experiences I’ve had.  I also have met so many great people through Instagram.  I know when I say this to some people, they get really skeptical, but Instagram has become a community where photographers, artists, designers, and bloggers can all connect with each other. Of the people I met, I can honestly say that all have been so inspiring, genuinely nice, and have taught me so much.  I keep in touch and have become great friends with all of them to this day.  We like to meet up and plan photo shoots around the city, it’s really fun!  It’s so refreshing to meet people who share the same interest of instagram photo taking as I do.

I would love for my Instagram to always be evolving.  I like to look back on my photos to see how it began,  and how I’ve changed my photo editing style.  I try not to focus so much if I gain or lose followers because I want Instagram to stay as the creative outlet that I love to use everyday.

Follow @LULAMELISSA on Instagram

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Southern Charm: Atlanta’s Finest Fashion Bloggers

By February 6, 2014 Bloggers, Influencers

Forget NYC, these Atlanta-based fashion bloggers bring chic city style to the table with an undeniable southern charm.



Fashion Credentials: She’s been featured in the New York Times and was named one of’s Forty Fab Fashion Bloggers; she’s also the style editor for


Style Up


Fashion Credentials: Named as one of CBS’s Top Atlanta Fashion Blogs, Style Up has collaborated with local emerging designers, national fashion brands, and global charities to bring clients the best of luxury, fashion, and inspired living.

Picture 1

My Style Vita


Fashion Credentials: Featured in quite a few online and print publications, Jessica of My Style Vita is also the co-founder of Southern Blog Society, a community of southern lifestyle bloggers.

About Me Page

The Fashionista Next Door


Fashion Credentials: As a Lucky contributor, self-proclaimed fashionista Eboni Ifé has appeared in InStyle, Fab Sugar and more.


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Fashion Blogger Triple Threat: We Are The Somethings

By November 20, 2013 Bloggers, Influencers

Three friends. Three cities. One blog. When a stylist and designer from San Francisco, a fashion publicist from New York, and a designer and shop owner from Copenhagen got together, We Are The Somethings was born. Here’s the story behind this three-dimensional lifestyle site.

two + seven: How did the three of you come up with the concept for We Are The Somethings?

We Are The Somethings: We had all met up for a girls’ weekend in NYC and were shopping in Nolita when we started talking about working together on a blog.  Our concept quickly took shape from there.  We immediately knew we wanted it to be a creative outlet for us to share all of our favorite discoveries within fashion, of course, but also art, beauty, travel and food.  We felt strongly about using We Are The Somethings [WATS] as a platform to speak to girls like us, with varied interests in all kinds of artful things.  That’s where the name stemmed from too. We’re three thirty-somethings sharing some things we love and we hope it helps other women find some things they’ll love too.

2+7: A stylist and designer from San Francisco, a fashion publicist from New York, and a designer and shop owner from Copenhagen:  Is it difficult working together when you are so far apart?

WATS: We definitely have some late night/early morning Skype sessions.  Email and our shared Google Docs and post calendar are our best friends. We make it work though, because we’re really dedicated to WATS and enjoy working on it. Plus it gives us a reason to chat more frequently, which is an added bonus.

2+7: Does the old saying “three heads are better than one” hold true for you guys?

WATS: 100%. We each have demanding jobs outside of the blog so it absolutely helps that WATS is a joint effort.  Also, while we have a lot of shared passions, we each have really distinctive tastes and styles too, so it’s fun for us to deliver a blend of our perspectives.  We’re learning a lot from each other too!

2+7: What’s next?

WATS: You’ll have to check us out on to see! We’ll definitely be continuing our monthly “She’s Something” features on inspirational women we admire. So far we’ve had the privilege of interviewing designer Whitney Pozgay of WHiT and storeowner/artist Serena Mitnik-Miller of The General Store and can’t wait to share more intimate looks at amazing women from around the world. We look forward to bringing you more of our favorite things every day and hope you like what you see!

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Fall Essentials From Lauren of Petite in Pearls

By November 5, 2013 Bloggers, Influencers

Brimming with New England style, lifestyle blogger Lauren Scorzafava of Petite in Pearls shares her fall must-haves.

Petite in Pearls is a modern way of looking at the classic New England style. It’s fashion, it’s décor, it’s entertaining, and it’s a lifestyle where simplicity is more and elegance is always best.” – Lauren Scorzafava,

Lauren’s Fall Essentials

Anthropologie Confetti Stripped Pullover This sweater is perfect for fall! It’s cozy and fun and a little different than your typical stripped sweater.

Grey Knee-High Bow Socks These socks are perfect for going under your boots. I am obsessed!

Unlisted File Type Bootie These are the perfect heeled brown bootie for fall, and they are pretty budget-friendly!

Toothpick Jeans in Black  These are the perfect pant to dress up or down, to wear with a boot or a heel. They are just such a staple item that everyone should have in their closet.

GG High Low Crew Sweater in Port  This is a bit of a splurge for a lot of people but it is the perfect fall cashmere sweater.

Cartonnier Vegan Leather Jacket  This is the perfect leather jacket to throw over a t-shirt, sweater, or dress to add a little bit of edge to any outfit.

ASOS Hooded Double Breasted Batwing Trench I absolutely adore this jacket! It’s a modern twist on a classic trench!

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Bag  The Mini MACs have such a timeless look. I love the almond color for fall.

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It’s A Woman’s World For Boys Who Blog About Fashion

By October 23, 2013 Bloggers, Guest Posts, Influencers

There are hundreds of articles out there discussing the rise of menswear in the fashion industry, but none answering a more pressing question: Where are all the menswear bloggers?

Here the bloggers themselves give their take on why female bloggers are still dominating the fashion genre and what got them started in blogging.

Sergio of What My Boyfriend Wore

 ”I’m not surprised there are fewer male bloggers; I think it’s directly proportional to the amount of men who have the confidence to dress in a way that allows them to express their individual style. Unfortunately, guys don’t really boost each other to dress well; in fact they take the opposite approach and rather berate each other for trying, whereas woman will praise one another for looking good. Men also get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion anyway, walk into any high street retailer or department store and you’ll find the menswear department is nothing less than a quarter of the size of the Ladies department.”

“I enjoy the research that goes into blogging; I make sure that I educate myself along with my audience. I also love the direct interaction with readers, I make a point of answering any comment or question across all my social media platforms. I think the difference between a brand and a blogger is the human to human interaction.”

David of Grey Fox

“There seems to be many, many times more female bloggers than male – and older male bloggers are almost non-existent, until Grey Fox appeared. I suppose women are generally more interested in fashion and blogging has become something of an obsession among many younger women.

Older bloggers naturally write more about age-related issues because the fashion world tends to ignore older men and women, so that naturally becomes an issue to write about. Youth will affect writing style as well – simply because of generational differences in writing style, ability and grammar. Exposure to popular culture differs as well and affects outlook and style of presentation.”

“I have no background in fashion. I practiced law and then taught. I have no idea why I’m doing this, but I enjoy writing and exploring the new world this blog has opened up. I started Grey Fox in December 2011. As an older man, it becomes increasingly difficult to decide what to wear and how to dress. This fashion and style blog is my response.”

Fraquoh and Franchomme of Attire Club

“There are by far more female fashion bloggers than male. So far, we don’t know of there being a statistic on what the percentages are, but from what we see and estimate, around 90 percent of fashion bloggers are female.”

“Today, there is a lot of prejudice when it comes to men’s style, fashion, body image and other related issues. Even though Western society has opened up a lot and keeps on doing so, there are still many people and places where style and men simply don’t go together in the respective culture’s eyes. Men’s looks are almost a complete taboo – this is why we wanted to write about these issues, to try to put them behind us and focus on building, not destroying. Even though these are difficult issues, they need to be addressed and we will continue to do so.”

 Alex from Mr Essentialist

“Absolutely – there’s a huge number of female fashion bloggers out there. When I look at menswear blogs I think we’re talking 50 noteworthy blogs. This is changing though – I really think men are becoming more conscious of the fashion choices they make. A lot of my friends are now either reading blogs themselves or even uploading selfies of their OOTDs (outfits of the day) – a natural next step is posting that on a blog. On the flip-side there’s so much noise on the internet. I definitely have my favorite blogs that I keep referring to. Some are pretty unique, others are massively successful. I just think it’s good to keep searching for new things to read and be inspired by.”

Orion from Fashion Éclair

“There is quite a huge number of female bloggers compared to male bloggers. I joined a network of fashion bloggers and most members are girls. It would be great to interact with fellow male fashion bloggers if there were more of them. If you go out in East London you’d see a lot of guys looking so stylish and it makes you wonder, where are the male bloggers? I think guys are not yet that comfortable writing about clothes and fashion. But this should change in the coming years because I believe that London is the world’s capital for menswear fashion. More guys like me are getting into fashion, and blogging is a great platform to showcase someone’s personal style. “

Joseph of UnlimitedbyJK 


“Women dominate the fashion blog community. I am often the only male blogger at many events I attend. I find that most men don’t have the same inclination as women to flaunt what they are wearing, or to review other people’s outfits. I suppose it is something to do with gender psychology.

I would certainly agree. London is referred to as the home of menswear, because much of the British menswear industry is within the capital. Savile Row in particular is argued to be the birthplace of modern menswear. However, London is also referred to as the fashion capital of the world, and there are far more opportunities in London for fashion bloggers in general, not just menswear bloggers.”

Whilst still few in number, these guys are clearly not worried about the reaction other people might have and reject any fashion stereotypes being thrown at them!

What do you think on the subject? Read more fashion blogger opinions over at Woodhouse blog.

Rhiannon is a former journalism student and writer with a mild obsession with reading scary stories.


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Fall Must-Haves From Style Cue By Suzie Q

By September 24, 2013 Bloggers, Influencers
There’s a chill in the air here in NYC—which means its time to break out those fall fashion purchases you’ve been hoarding since August. Still not sure how to suit up for the season? The chic San Fran-turned-New-Yorker Suzie Q shares her autumn essentials for a fab fall from coast to coast.

“Style Cue By Suzie Q is a personal style blog that was born out of a creative outlet source from my unrelated work field—a fun way to chronicle my outfits and capture my youth, and an inspiration to pursue what I love after overcoming a challenging life stint with cancer. The blog is based in New York City and San Francisco and reflects a mix of both east and west coast styles. In my blog, I provide style cues by sharing my personal style of feminine, chic, and on trend looks.” – Suzie Q

Fall Essentials

Trina Turk Textured Jacket

Current/Elliot Leather pants

ASOS Slouchy Pants

Theory Houndstooth Skirt

Alice & Olivia Over The Knee Boots

Sheswai Lacquer Dark Red Nail Polish

Dolce Vita Dress

Olive & Oak Contrast Sleeve Jacket

Hive & Honey Military Jacket

Sanctuary Leather Vest

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Summer-to-Fall Essentials From Cortne Bonilla of Corture

By August 16, 2013 Bloggers, Influencers

The changing seasons are always tricky when it comes to styling—the temps are too chilly for your minis but still hot enough to keep that chunky knit sweater in storage. With September fast-approaching (um, when did this happen?), it’s time to start planning our outfit options. Corture fashion blogger Cortne Bonilla lends a helping hand, delivering her haute must-haves for effortless style from season to season.

“Corture is my online fashion space where I can let my creativity and inspiration flow. I started a blog as a way to document my internship with Rebecca Minkoff and then transferred into an everyday outfit posting and beauty review blog. My blog is for the girl who doesnt believe a budget should exist, and has a life outside of fashion. I write poetry, so I add a little drama and creative insight to each of my posts. Corture is a place to seek fashion inspiration, advice, ideas and to just hangout with me and my bookshelf of shoes, of course.” – Cortne Bonilla,

1. A full skirt. A-Line Skirt, $158

2. Leather Leggings. Leather Biker Pants, $169

3. A nude nail polish color. OPI Dulce de Leche polish, $7

4. A patent leather crossbody. Village Crossbody, $128

5. Black booties. Michael Kors Booties, $225

Cortne’s other musts? Wrap dresses, patterned tights, printed pants and a tweed jacket to pull it all together!”


Want more?



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Summer Essentials From Laura of Edgify Me

By August 12, 2013 Bloggers, Influencers

Get ready to be entertainified: fashion blogger Laura of Edgify Me shares her must-own summer essentials for—you guessed it—your most cutting edge season yet.

“Edgify Me started as a homework assignment. I immediately fell in love with this platform where I get to express my point of view on fashion, my analytical take on trends and my crazy fashion stories—all while being authentically me. 

Edgifying is really about infusing your personal edge into your sartorial choices. It’s about being so in tune with your authenticity, your flava, your essence that it is expressed through whatever you are wearing, doing, saying, krumping, chewing and so on and so forth. So whether your style is more boho, preppy, or androgynous, you can edgify your look by being authentic.”

Laura’s Summer Essentials:

Reece Hudson Clutch

Proenza Schouler Denim Vest

Helmut Lang Skirt

J Brand Boyfriend Shorts

Eleven Paris Biggie Mustache Tee

Westward Leaning Sunglasses

Lisa Marie Fernandez Bikini

Ancient Greek Sandals x Marios Schwab

Iosselliani Necklace

Madewell Leather Backpack



Want more?










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Music to Our Ears: Aimee Song On Lifestyle Mirror

By August 8, 2013 Bloggers, Influencers

Lifestyle Mirror’s latest guest editor and Song of Style blogger Aimee Song has two thriving careers, a loyal online following and a certain California cool. Take a look inside their latest issue for a look into her blogging success!

Amy Song, Guest Editor
Check out Amy’s contributions to Lifestyle Mirror:

About Lifestyle Mirror:

LIFESTYLE MIRROR is a new way to discover—and instantly shop for—style online. The site offers a fresh voice in the crowded and often unedited world of online shopping. Serving as both a resource to inspire and a portal to drive readers to points of purchase, Lifestyle Mirror features original content with curated selections of the best in style.

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Summer Essentials from Jessica Snyder of Mint

By May 9, 2013 Bloggers, Influencers

As promised, we’re back with Jess of Mint Clothing Company and Mint the Blog, along with her top picks and summer essentials. As a SoCo native, this west-coast blogger and t-shirt designer knows a thing or two about the sunny season—and the must-haves that go along with it!

“Hello! My name is Jess! I am a fashion designer, my line is called Mint. And I’m also a fashion blogger, my blog is called Mint. Basically, I am obsessed with all things Minty and fresh!” – Jess

1. RetroSuperFuture Gals Sunnies - I never ever leave the house without sunglasses! Ever. These “Gals” by ReptroSuperFuture have been my faves for a while now, I love the classic vibe. They definitely add the cherry on top of any outfit.

2. Gold Incase iPhone Case - I obviously can’t live without my iPhone! Therefore, I need to have a stylish case. I have an obsession with gold so I love love love this one from Incase:

3. A Mint Tee - This might be cheating! Haha! No… I am such a tee shirt girl! I love being able to just throw one on with jeans, shorts or over my bathing suit!! I went to great lengths to make sure these were as comfy as possible!!

4. Sam Edelman Wedge Sneakers - I am still totally feelin’ the wedge sneaker trend. I am 5’1″ and I love to be comfortable so they just appeal to me on every level! These ones from Sam Edelman are super comfy and I love the navy color!

5. Baby Lips Lip Balm “Quenched” – Newly addicted to this stuff!! I need to try out every shade!

6. Fedora - I love a good hat! My Zayde (Grandpa) used to always wear fedoras, and I have a fedora collection going now myself. They help block the sun, instantly add style to an outfit and are great for bad hair days!

7.Boys and Arrows Bikini - Such an awesome brand. The cuts are so sassy and fun. I have one in Canary Yellow- I will be wearing mine all summer!

8.KMS Hairplay Makeover Spray – I swear by this stuff!! It saves me ton’s of time not washing my hair haha. It’s a dry shampoo, and it smells amazing! I get a lot of hair questions, I’d say this stuff is my secret but I tell everyone!! I love it!

Want more?

INSTAGRAM: @mintclothingcompany

TWITTER: @minttheblog


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Spring Essentials from Tamara of Glam and Glitter

By May 3, 2013 Bloggers, Influencers

Fashion maven Tamara of Glam and Glitter gives us her must-haves for the season—and boy, are they glamorous!

Glam and Glitter is a fashion diary of a life lover. I am a huge hedonist and someone who sees beauty everywhere, so I decided to start a fashion blog three years ago in order to share my passion with everyone else. All of sudden this little diary exploded into something more, and now I am a full time fashion blogger. My readers are fashionable, modern women who care about their appearance, but want more than good looks. Glam and Glitter has a goal to inspire people, to help them chose which trends they like, what fits look good, and all of that trough my outfit posts.” -Tamara,


The Essentials:

1. Printed lightweight jacket

2. Dungaries

3. Pointy White Pumps

4. Pencil skirt with a cool pattern

5. Printed trousers

6. A skirt with a split

7. Pastel colored satchel

8. Printed Short Suit

9. Cropped Boyfriend Jeans

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