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Stock Up On Sparkle: Giftable Baubles

By December 11, 2013 Designers, Fashion News, Jewelry

Ring in the season with sparkle—this holiday, it’s all about the blinged-out baubles and glamorous gems. Give them what they really want (or make a shining statement yourself) with our list of bejeweled beauties.

1. Dione Necklace – 

2. Skull Pave Bangle – 

3. B Zippy & Co Ceramic Necklace – Koshka

4. Stylestalker x Luv Aj 3D Triangle Necklace – Koshka

5. Bahati Rope Necklace - 

6. Elena Earrings – 

7. Gold & Opal Dangles –

8. Shark Tooth Beaded Chain Necklace –

Image credits: photography Amber Mahoney


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Exclusive: The Giving Keys + Giveaway

By September 30, 2013 Jewelry

The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys exists to employ those transitioning out of homelessness to make jewelry out of recycled keys that get sold and shared around the world. Each key necklace is unique and carries a message like HOPE, STRENGTH, DREAM or COURAGE. When the wearer of the key encounters someone else who needs the message on the key, they give it away and then tell us their story

 The Giveaway

The Giving Keys partnered with the team behind So Worth Loving to spread the message of self-worth and self-love. What better way to share the importance of this message than by partnering up with a community entirely dedicated to reminding people that they are valuable and loved? By wearing the WORTHY key you are reminding the world of a message that we so often forget: you are valued. You are loved. You are WORTHY.

* Image of actual key you can win. Each is unique.

Enter to win your very own WORTHY key by telling us in the comments below (or entering on Facebook) who you would pass the key along to. All entries must be in by Friday, October 4th. The winner will be selected on Monday, October 7th. And don’t forget to share your actual story with The Giving Keys once you receive your key!

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Redefining Elegance with Esma Jewelry

By August 21, 2013 Designers, Jewelry

Pennsylvania-based social-worker-turned-jewelry-designer Amy Martin is redefining the meaning of elegance when it comes to her designs. “Elegance, to me, is being comfortable in your own skin, embracing who you are without worrying about what everyone else thinks, and following your passions in a way that lets you share your unique purpose with the world,” explains Martin. With clean lines and organic textures, Esma Jewelry embraces this idea with a modern-meets-eclectic aesthetic. We caught up with talented designer to find out more about her process, her inspirations and what we can look forward to in the future.

two+seven: We’re always inspired by the creative minds whose careers do a 180, landing them on a completely different path than the one they started on. With a background in social work yourself, what was the pivotal point in your career that made you take the full leap into jewelry design?

Amy Martin: Making the decision to completely change directions is always a little scary. I had gotten to the point in my social work career where I knew that if I wanted to move further in the field, I would need to go back to school. I had been making jewelry for a couple of years at that point and loved it, so I had to decide if I wanted to continue to pursue jewelry or stick with social work and go back to school. Social work drained me, while my jewelry business excited and energized me, so I had to pick jewelry.

The Savanna Necklace, $79

2+7: What was the most challenging aspect of this switch? The most rewarding?

AM: The most challenging aspect was definitely letting go of something stable and certain for something unpredictable. Working for myself has that intense factor of everything relying on me. There’s no one there to tell me “this is what you need to do today.” While that is the biggest challenge, it is also what makes it incredibly rewarding. Fortunately, I’ve found some great coaches who are able to help give me some guidance, so I’m not just floundering aimlessly. Every time someone buys a piece of my jewelry, it is amazing, because there are so many choices out there, and they chose mine. I’m always grateful for that.

2+7: Your jewelry is somewhat minimalist and modern, yet unique and eclectic. Tell us a bit about your “reticulation” process and the materials you use in order to achieve this look.

AM: I started using reticulation in my designs a couple of years ago, because I just loved the unique texture it gives to the surface of the metal. No two pieces will be the exact same, which makes it really special. I start with a piece of metal that I’ve cut out in the design I want. I then use a torch to basically melt the surface of the metal to a point where it begins to move. It sort of resembles the surface of water moving back and forth. I then put it in a solution called “pickle” to clean the surface. This is repeated multiple times until I get the texture I want.

Often when reticulation is done, it is done on larger sheets and then the design is cut from there, however I prefer to cut my designs out first, because I like how the process softens the edges of the piece. Once I get the texture I like, I then finish the piece of jewelry. I will say that it has taken a lot of practice to not completely destroy the piece of metal I’m working on. In the past, I ended up with a lot of pieces with holes in them from the torch being too hot. Actually, sometimes the holes ended up looking cool, so I would create a piece with it anyway, but ideally, there are no holes.

2+7: What’s one of your favorite piece(s)? Best sellers?

AM: My all-time favorite piece is my Veronica Bracelet, which I’ve had a version of pretty much since I started working with metal. It’s been one of my best selling pieces, and it’s so easy to wear and looks great stacked in multiples. My favorite earrings at the moment are the Nell Earrings, because I love big hoops! I’ve been wearing these almost every day. My customer favorites are the Tamryn and Stella Earrings, because they are both classic styles, yet cool and unique.

The Veronica Bracelet, $58

2+7: What’s next?

AM: I’m really excited to be taking an enameling class this month! I’ve been wanting to learn this process for quite a while, and attempts at teaching myself haven’t worked out too well, so I’m pretty psyched about finally learning how to do it. My plan is to incorporate enamel into my spring collection, which means – color!  Spring just begs for color, so I’m excited to be able to be able to experiment with this and hopefully create some really fresh new pieces.

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Old World Modern: Jewelry by Tasha Rae

By June 25, 2013 Designers, Jewelry

Self-described jewelry designer, blacksmith and fabricator Tasha Rae crafts one-of-a-kind pieces with an eclectic edge. From bullet casings to custom pieces, this “one-woman business” is all about the unique touch. two+seven caught up with the talented artist to talk future projects and creative inspirations.

two+seven: Tell us about your latest collection.

Tasha Rae: My new line was designed in collaboration with the existing Gunslinger line. I’m actually not much of a gun person, so I really wanted to divert the attention from just bullets to more of a military feel with a feminine twist.  I was extremely inspired by Prabal Gurung’s 2013 Fall collection and the overall military trend for fall clothing. That, in combination with a passion for collecting bits of history, led me to the new collection.  Some pieces are still being produced, but most of them are ready to go.

2+7: What was your inspiration?

TR: The jewelry is inspired by antique military medals and my goal was to create work that could be a narrative for personal stories and connections to our past.  The collection is mostly sterling silver, but also has elements of brass as well as some high-end pieces being offered in gold. The designs are strong and symmetrical, but they also have delicate details making them very elegant and classic.

2+7: What’s next?

TR: There are a couple of other really exciting collections and collaborations with other companies in the works, but I am still waiting on prototypes.

I also have a new line coming out for fall that is military inspired.  It goes along with the existing bullet jewelry, but has a stronger twist to the collection as a whole. Currently, my cufflinks are featured in British GQ this month and I am working on a small feature with British Vogue for fall so stay tuned!

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From the Inside, Out: Outerbridge Jewelry

By April 17, 2013 Designers, Jewelry
09. X Face Ring


When your father is a photographer and your grandfather, a painter, it’s no surprise that jewelry designer Alexandra Outerbridge has creative blood running through her veins. Made in America (Los Angeles, to be exact), Outerbridge’s sunny, whimsical designs reflect her past and present surroundings–laid-back vibes originated in Bermuda and Miami, while time spent in London contributes a subtle urban edge to her aesthetic. two+seven talks creativity with the artist in an exclusive interview:

two + seven: Tell us how Outerbridge Jewelry came about—what was the best part of it and what were the struggles?

Alexandra Outerbridge: I’ve been a jewelry obsessor/lover since I came out of the womb! I woke up one day, and since I’m quite picky about my jewelry, I wanted to make one piece just for personal use. One piece quickly transformed into ten in the span of a month, and I knew I was on to something when I was asked to sell the pieces I was wearing on the spot!

Of course there were struggles, as I had to navigate a very private and closed industry. There’s no manual to the reality of each step; of the real life process it takes to make a piece. You can sit in a classroom and be ‘taught’ to draw, design and given a couple of pointers, but learning the ins and out of production—no one can teach that. 

2+7:  It’s exciting that your jewelry line is made in the USA! Can you tell us a little bit on why you decided to produce it here?

AO: I live in and love the City of Los Angeles, which gives me ample tools on my doorstep to create just about anything. I’m lucky to live in a city which has not only an official ‘Jewelry District’ in the downtown area, but to have one of the best in the country. I want my pieces not to be just a necklace or a ring but as if you’re purchasing and rocking a small little piece of LA. Perhaps too because I am slightly a control freak and I couldn’t bear the thought of not being apart of every step of the production process. Not to mention most importantly I want to support the Los Angeles and American economy—this is an American brand, made in America! 

2+7: You mentioned that you draw inspiration from Los Angeles’ vibrant youth and street culture. Are there any specific locations in L.A. that you took direct inspiration from for your collection?

AO: Absolutely! I live in the what’s deemed one of the more creative/artistic Los Angeles neighborhoods: Los Feliz/Silverlake. Where I live you see, interact and feel the ‘real people’ of LA—it’s still raw and less glossy as other neighborhoods. I also spend a lot of time in Venice which still has some grit and true ‘this is LA’ vibes. 

2+7:  What’s your favorite pieces in your collection?

AO: The Empire Stacking Ring, Double Sided Smiley x Sad Necklace and the Double Sided Dead Upon Arrival x Lover Face Necklace. I like to wear my mood :)

2+7: If you can describe yourself in one outfit, what would it be?

AO: Alexander Wang T-Shirt in black or white, any pair of blue jeans and Converse Chuck Taylors and decked out in gold jewelry completely over accessorized!

2+7:  What’s next?

AO: A new collection! I’m working on it right now; so excited about it.

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Instagram @outerbridgejewelry

Twitter @outerbridgeOB


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Nature Luxe: Hirotaka Jewelry

By March 20, 2013 Designers, Jewelry

When you think of precious metals and shining gems, you think of… insects?  With designer Hirotaka Inoue’s jewelry, that’s exactly what comes to mind. This Japanese jewelry designer does high-end whimsy—crafting playful pendants and nature-inspired creations from lavishly luxe materials for a totally unique statement. two+seven caught up with Hirotaka to find out what inspires his fine-meets-fashion-jewelry signature aesthetic.

two + seven: In an article on the, you mention that your parents expected you to be a doctor and you ended up working for an IT company before transitioning to jewelry at the age of 28. What was the hardest part about switching careers?

Hirotaka Inoue: At the age of 28, I just packed up and left IT industry for Paris, France. It was July, and I flew southbound via Singapore. The process of getting closer and closer to my inner desire was not hard at all. It all happened in the most effortless manner.

2+7: It seems that nature plays a big part in inspiring your designs. What inspired your latest collection?

HI: Nature is the best teacher. When I travel to the tropics, I am always intrigued by what intense sun can do to fauna and flora.

I love Borneo and Bali—there are dense jungles, and the creatures that live there never cease to inspire me with their overly exaggerated beaks and claws, incredibly vivid metallic colors, unnecessarily elongated antennas, extraterrestrial-like shapes, and heavenly fragrances. It may not be the easiest task to express all the wonders in one piece of jewelry, but the challenge has been the reason I love my work.

2+7: You mention that Aurum Gold is your favorite medium. What other materials do you work with?

HI: I also work with silver, platinum and other jewelry materials like pearls, precious and semi-precious stones. The most exotic thing I am currently working with is a client’s teeth to make a set of earrings and pendants for herself.

2+7: Who is the Hirotaka customer? Do you think your customers in the US are different from your Japanese customers?

HI: Since I started as a bespoke jewelry maker here in Tokyo, most of my work in Japan has been order based jewelry making. Most of them provide me with their stones or set of ideas, ie; seahorse earrings (!), and I make them with my aesthetic. I currently sell my collections in the US and the UK, but I will be more than happy to work on making one of the kind jewelry overseas too.

2+7: What do you do when you’re not designing?

HI: I draw designs through out the day, and I cannot stop thinking about designing. However, when I need a vacation, I travel to jungles and beaches to get some fresh inspiration.

2+7: What’s next?

HI: I am currently working on a new collection for the end of April. Some are still in their drawing stages, but it will have some interesting shapes and colors from the jungle.

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Camp Kayla Mattes

By February 6, 2013 Designers, Jewelry

Based in Los Angeles, Kayla Mattes, along with her playful jewelry and textile designs, embodies the ultimate in California-cool. With a summer camp-inspired collection under her belt, the Rhode Island School of Design grad’s aesthetic channels west coast charm with neon hued lanyard jewelry and neo-nineties knitwear. two+seven flashed back to the good ol’ days with Kayla and her totally cool, totally awesome creations in an exclusive interview.

two+seven: Give us some background: how did you get started in jewelry/fashion design?

Kayla Mattes: I received my BFA in Textiles at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) back in 2011 where I initially began working my textiles sensibilities into fashion and jewelry design. Soon after my time at RISD I launched my jewelry line. I’m currently working on expanding the line to include my prints and knitwear.

2+7: You balance a jewelry line with a knitwear collection. Does the jewelry ever inspire the clothes, or vice versa?

KM: Definitely. My jewelry collection evolved from a machine knit top I designed for my Neo-90ies knitwear collection in 2011. The knit top was paired with woven lanyard embellishments, and became very geometric due to the structure of the lanyard. I became further interested in pairing this craft trend into knits, due to these structural capabilities, along with my nostalgic 90’s associations with lanyard.



2+7: Both collections are ultra-fun and playful, with a “neo-nineties” aesthetic. What inspired this point of view? Where else do you draw inspiration from?

KM: I would get super bored not working with playfulness and humor. I want to see more fun and less seriousness in fashion! Most of my work comments on the sincerity of kitsch aesthetics of the 90’s. I draw my ideas from tons of different forms of old media & memories- old cereal commercials, Nickelodeon, early internet graphics, AOL, 2.0, etc. I’m also continuously material collecting which inspires new ideas.

2+7: Your Summer Camp Collection jewelry brings back memories of my camp counselor days – any fond memories behind this theme?

KM: Sure, I went to a few different camps as a kid. I would say the names of the pieces in the collection pretty much describe my memories, “Top-bunk dreamin’, craft-class BLAST…”

2+7: What’s next?

KM: I’m currently finishing up designing my upcoming Fall 2013 jewelry collection. It’s very different from Summer Camp but with similar material sensibilities, stay tuned!

After much demand I have also decided to put my ASCII CATZ shirts into production. The cropped, hand-dyed and screen-printed tees will be available in several different color schemes by early March! I am collaborating with the photographer Marina Fini and the graphic designer Nicole Killian for the photography and promotional materials of the CATZ (expect neon clamshell iBooks, GIFS, real cats on leashes, and fun). As of now you will be able to buy up the CATZ on my online store and at the shop Mieke in Ghent, Belgium!

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An Exclusive: Sira & Mara Jewelry

By December 27, 2012 Designers, Jewelry

Fashion-forward and ultra-affordable, jewelry from the mother-daughter design duo of Sira & Mara is on every fashion maven’s wish list. As seen on fashion bloggers like Pink Peonies and Walk in Wonderland, Sira & Mara offer covetable pieces with a most reasonable price tag. two+seven talked with co-founder Sandy in an exclusive interview about the fashion jewelry for everyone.

two+seven: Give us some background: how did you get into jewelry design?

Sandy: It all began a year ago during the holiday break. I had taken a leave from work to finish my second degree (Criminology), and I did not know what to do with myself during the three-week break between semesters. One day, I was browsing for accessories online, and everything that I really liked was pricier that what I like to pay for accessories. I thought: it is probably cheaper to make it. So, I went to a craft store, bought a few supplies and made myself a bracelet.

A friend of mine saw one of my pictures on Facebook wearing my handmade bracelet, and she asked where I bought it. I told her that I had made it myself, and she encouraged me to sell them. Since I was concentrating on school, I did not think that it was a great idea, but I told my mom in case she was interested in doing it in Spain. I taught my mom how to make one bracelet via Skype (you have to love technology, right?), and I created a Facebook fan page to advertise her new venture. We launched in Spain on February 14th, and we received several orders that same day. Seeing that the business was working in Spain, I decided to give it a try in the US once I was done with school back in May.

2+7: One of the greatest things about Sira & Mara is the affordability and accessibility. Was this one of your goals starting out?

Sandy: Absolutely! We had to goals: uniqueness and affordability. I am a bargain hunter, and I am all about putting great outfits together without breaking the bank. Therefore, I wanted our stores to reflect that part of my personality. I believe that accessorizing should be fun and being able to purchase multiple accessories without the guilt of having spent lots of money is a great approach.

2+7: Being business partners with your mom, do you ever butt heads?

Sandy: Ha! All the time! We are night and day, which is challenging at times, but it is also the reason why I believe that we are a great team. My mom is a “go with the flow” kind of person; she is always experimenting with new colors, textures, and metals. I, on the other hand, am very organized and business minded. Our business could not survive without her endless creativity, the same way that it could not survive without my desire to always find different ways to advertise and find better materials at even more affordable prices.

Necklace 58 in blue, $9


As seen on Happily Grey

2+7: A lot of fashion bloggers have been photographed wearing your pieces. What do you think draws them to Sira & Mara?

Sandy: To best answer this one, I have actually reached out to some of the fashion bloggers that we work with, and this is what they said:

Daniela, of Nany’s Klozet: “I love that Sira&Mara pieces are very on-trend but they are still easy to wear for our everyday life.”

Tara, of Mix and Match Fashion: “Sira & Mara jewelry is well-made, on-trend, and affordable.  You won’t feel guilty picking up a few gorgeous pieces at once!”

Sara, of Love by Lynn: “I think that Sira & Mara jewelry has really good quality and they make it very affordable for all types of ladies who love fashion. I feel that their pieces make a simple outfit give it that last touch we all look for. That pop in the outfit. From statement necklaces to bold bracelets; they have it all!”

2+7: What’s next?

Sandy: We are exploring other markets, besides the US and Spain, and we will shortly be featured in several blogs in Canada, Russia, the Czec Republic, and Croatia.

In addition, and as per our customers’ request, we will be carrying earrings early in 2013.

We hope to continue expanding the presence of our accessories in more physical stores. We recently got a deal with a boutique in Qatar that will be carrying over 30 of our items.

Photo by: Leticia Hueda

Lastly, our brand ambassador in Spain is singer Nika who is currently working on her new project with her new band, Munik. We will be accessorizing her outfits as she does her TV promotional tour. It is thanks to her that our accessories have been photographed in national magazines when she was wearing them at red carpet events. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with her, as our Spanish customers love her and are always looking for the products that she wears.


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Day Nine of Gifting: GIVEAWAY!

By December 21, 2012 Accessories, Designers, Fashion News, Giveaways, Jewelry

two + seven and Mishakaudi are doing a bit of our own gift giving! Enter for a chance to win the Honora necklace.

Here’s how to win it:

  • Comment below and tell us how you’d style the ring of your choice for your holiday events. Don’t forget to include your email address!
  • Like Mishakaudi Jewelry on Facebook and two + seven on Facebook, and follow us on twitter too! @Mishakaudi and @twoandsevenon7
  • Winner will be announced at the end of the 12 days of gifting – via email and Facebook!



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Craft & Culture Presents: Aoko Su

By November 29, 2012 Designers, Guest Posts, Jewelry

Ashley Jerman’s handmade jewelry is shaped by the world around her. From the structural urban to the rugged rural, the lines of the landscape find their way into her work, quietly telling stories of the American West and nature’s architecture.

AOKO SU’s aim is to make beautiful jewelry for every day. Ashley explains: “The sentiment of jewelry that’s special enough to wear everyday is really about treating every occasion like it’s an exceptional one. Like popping open a bottle of champagne that you’ve been s
aving for the perfect occasion and drinking it on Monday afternoon.”

A childhood that helped cultivate a passion for architecture and design paved the way for a life of creating beautiful things, as well as being fully involved with every step of the production process. Subscribing to Architectural Digest from the age of 11, Ashley began to learn about the artists and architects that continue to inspire her work today, such as Marcel Breuer, Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier.

AOKO SU inspires us to seek the beauty in the ‘ordinary’ to re-examine what ‘special’ really means in the context of adornment. When the occasional is just that – an exception – we can find ourselves saving a piece for a day that may never come. Look even closer and you’ll find a commitment to the use of quality materials, to the biosphere and its cherished resources. Ashley’s intense involvement with every step in production, from diamond mining to crystal cutting, makes AOKO SU a true labor of love.

About Craft & Culture

“Craft and Culture formed in early 2011 with the goal of introducing talented and independent designers to an audience of like-minded people. We felt many amazing artisans, specifically in the worlds of fashion and home objects were lacking the platform and exposure they needed to find their audience. By creating a space that values the stories, processes and ideas of these designers, we can present one-of-a-kind products in a unique way.” -Hana Ryan & McKinley Parker,

Read the full Craft & Culture feature here.

Get Social with AOKO SU:



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Craft & Culture Presents: Mimilamour

By November 15, 2012 Designers, Guest Posts, Influencers, Jewelry

From Paris with Love, Mimilamour is a true celebration of the creative, expressive, and cultural potential of jewelry and craftsmanship. With exquisite detailing, Gerard Gourdon blends classic chic with unique quirks to create pieces that stand apart from the norm. Coming from a distinguished career that included working at ELLE Magazine  - as well as opening and curating his own Parisian gallery – Gerard has begun a project that is intensely personal. At the same time, it has an undeniable sense of community, with bold pieces that spark intrigue and dialogue.

When asked how his hometown of Paris influences his work, Gerard explained, “the Parisian women inspire me more than the city itself. I love their effortless style, the way they mix colors, shapes, prints, old and new, high and low end. This could actually describe Mimilamour!”

'Mamba' bracelets

Most revered pieces include the ‘Mamba’ bracelets; striking snakes in silver, black and gold that coil wrists in casual opulence. Worn nonchalantly with jeans and tees, these are accessories that, as Gerard says, “combine the luxurious and the everyday…No compromise, and no fear!”

Nouvelle collection. Gold coridor

About Craft & Culture

“Craft and Culture formed in early 2011 with the goal of introducing talented and independent designers to an audience of like-minded people. We felt many amazing artisans, specifically in the worlds of fashion and home objects were lacking the platform and exposure they needed to find their audience. By creating a space that values the stories, processes and ideas of these designers, we can present one-of-a-kind products in a unique way.” -Hana Ryan & McKinley Parker,

Read the full Craft & Culture feature here.

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An Exclusive: Knight&Hammer Jewelry

By October 26, 2012 Designers, Jewelry

Drawn to jewelry at a young age, designer Joseph Knight of Knight&Hammer knows a thing or two about beautiful baubles. Spending hours amidst his grandmother Ida Katherina Hammer’s jewelry collection (for whom the company was named), Knight was destined for big things. In fact, Knight not only creates unique, statement-making jewelry, but makes “giving back” a priority by donating to many different charities–coining the term, “Jewelry with a Conscience.” We caught up with the talented, philanthropic designer to see how an affinity for vintage jewels brought him full circle.

two + seven: Give us some background. How did you get started in jewelry design?

Joseph Knight: My love affair with jewelry began in my grandmother’s jewelry boxes. My grandmother, Ida Katherina Hammer, affectionately called Oma, turned her master bedroom into a walk-in jewelry box. This room ignited my imagination and fueled my appreciation for magnificent baubles. The walls were filled with framed vitrines of vintage brooches while jewelry boxes of necklaces, rings and gem bracelets were scattered over every available surface of the room. As a child, I spent hours finding hidden treasures.

My childhood Saturdays would start with my father dropping me off at her apartment, where Oma and her friends, sporting Chanel suits, would be waiting for me in their garden courtyard with breakfast. During their conversations, these elegant women would commission me to create jewelry for them. In those days, I took payment in kisses and European chocolates. Unfortunately, I don’t do that today. My early creations consisted of Oma’s rhinestones glued to paper which they’d tape on to those Chanel suits like Important Jewelry purchased from Cartier, Winston’s or Tiffany.

2+7: Much of your jewelry is animal themed. Are animals/nature your main source of inspiration? What else inspires you?

JK: The sacred feminine is my ultimate inspiration and nature is the manifestation of Mother Nature’s bounty and beauty. I am drawn to ancient lore and legends and am inspired to reinterpret them for today’s warrior princesses. I want my jewelry to make the wearer feel beautiful and empowered. I also surround myself with very wonderful women that I have nicknamed my Muses. These women vary in age from seventeen to eighty-six and never cease to be a source of inspiration.

2+7: It’s wonderful that your motto is “jewelry with a conscience,” and that you’re very involve with different charities. How did this come about, and why was it so important to you?

JK: From a very young age, Oma always said, “You’re blessed, to continue receiving those blessings give back.” I want what I create to be more than an accessory, I want it to in some small way change the world, making it a better place.

2+7: What’s next?

JK: October 22nd marks the 13th anniversary of Knight&Hammer, which is really hard to fathom. In honor of our Lucky 13 we’re hosting a first-time ever Private Sale – Secret Location, with 50% off in-stock jewelry for one day for 5 hours on Sunday, October 28th, on New York’s Upper East Side from 1 to 6pm. To get the location just email with “Secret” as the subject.

By: Liam Alexander

We are also working on two shows one is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, November 18th and the other will be in early December to benefit LibertyHealth Foundation, where I am an active member of the board and former Vice Chairman. The last three years, I have been fortunate enough to work with Kelly Dooley Kalley of BodyRock Sport on some of the world’s most avant-garde sports bras. Our collaborations have graced the boobs of champion body builders, top sports models and pop icon Britney Spears.

For S/S 2013 we are proud to premiere our Shadows Collection, 16 new designs. My inspiration for this collection is the proverb, “If you don’t have Shadows, you’re not standing in the Sun.” All the designs are pulled from nature but are two-dimensional, which is a departure from my normally highly detailed work. I am very excited about the bold crispness of the collection. On the other end of the spectrum, I have created an entire collection of jewelry showcasing a Filigree Butterfly, which is incredible girly, yet holds to the warrior esthetic.

GET KNIGHTED, TWO+SEVEN READERS! Use the Code: 27 at check out for 20% off any on-line purchase
at valid for 30 days, from October 25th through November 27th.

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And watch him as The Righteous Reverend Joseph Knight at Kelly’s wedding on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress!


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