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2+7 Wedding: Grayson + Chandler

By July 28, 2015 2+7 Series, 2+7 Weddings, Real Weddings

We had a chance to chat with Chandler Flack about her sweet friendship turned love story. If there was ever a bride to take advice from, it’s Chandler. She planned her wedding in four months! It was beautiful and romantic in a gorgeous Decatur, GA. More on her love story, tips and some tips and tricks.

IMG_3071 copyOur Love Story

Grayson and I officially met the day we moved into our freshman dorms that just so happened to be next door to each other. We both recognized each other and quickly realized we had grown up about 15 minutes from each other, gone to rival high schools, and had many mutual friends. We even went to the same church camp in seventh grade—and we have an awkward middle school picture to prove it!  My friends, his roommates, and I became instant friends, called each other a “family”,  and did not do much without each other during freshman year. Grayson and I often referred to each other as brother and sister—because we were so much alike that we could often read each other’s mind, could talk about just about anything together, had to “approve” of each others boyfriends and girlfriends, and always laughed at one another’s sarcasm. I valued his friendship, he valued mine. But apparently there was a lot more in store than brotherly/sisterly love. (And all of our friends called it from the start.)

Our junior year of college was no different than the previous years, except that we both started to realize just how much we really really liked being around each other. And while sweet Grayson was praying for the right time to tell me his feelings, I was busy begging my best friends to NEVER TELL A SOUL that I may just have feelings for him. And apparently the right time was the night after Grayson’s 21st birthday, when we stayed up until 4 AM sitting in my kitchen, talking and laughing about every single moment that had led us to that night. I was supposed to get up at 4:45 AM for clinicals, so the best night of my life consisted of no sleep and all smiles. And I don’t think we have stopped smiling since.

On July 2, 2013, after three long night shifts at work, my family convinced me to go to The Sunflower Farm Festival to take family pictures while my niece was in town.  After a lot of convincing, probably way too much attitude, and a nap in the car on the way to Rutledge, Georgia, where I was surprised to see my favorite person in the middle of my favorite sunflower field. Surrounded by my favorite people, I said “YES!” to Grayson’s proposal.

The past two years had been such a fun and happy adventure that I thought it couldn’t get any better than right where we were at. The idea that you get to go through life with your favorite person is unlike any other feeling in the world.  And we loved the idea so much, that just four short months later (If I can plan a wedding in such a short amount of time…anyone can!) on November 2, 2013, in a little chapel in Decatur, Georgia where my parents got married 26 years before, we became The Flacks!


What was your favorite part of the wedding?

The whole entire day. I woke up in a room with my best friends, drank mimosas for breakfast, got to play dress up all day long, walk down the aisle with my daddy, had a really cute boy waiting at the alter, we promised life together, then danced the night away with our most favorite people. It doesn’t get any better than that.


How did you prevent or deal with stress during your planning process?

BUDGET. Do not even entertain the ideas of venues, dresses, bands, decorations, etc. that do not fit into your budget. This will help you appreciate what you can afford a whole lot more!

Your wedding day is the greatest, most fun, and important day of your life.  But it is one day. Planning can be get very overwhelming, especially if you have a short amount of time. It helps to take it one step at a time—nail down the big stuff first that you have to reserve the specific date for such as the venue, photographer, band/DJ, etc. and the rest is just fun details!

There will be bumps along the day. And that is okay. You will be just as married at the end of that special day, no matter what happens in the process..even if you realize you forgot the crochet tool to loop the buttons all down the back of your dress, that you have to cut the loops off about five minutes before you walk down the aisle. (Yes, that happened!)

Delegate tasks. And make lists. Your MOH will be there to help. And moms are the bomb at wedding planning.

Don’t let planning consume you! Make time to go on dates and do fun things with your fiancé that do not involve the wedding.  Our biggest goal during engagement was to not become so consumed in planning that on our actual wedding day we hardly knew who we were standing across at the alter. After all, you are planning a big day to celebrate a lifelong marriage together!





Do you have any advice for our brides out there?

Your wedding day is probably the only time in your whole life that every single one of your favorite people will be in the same room at the same time. Savor that! And don’t waste that night on any other emotion but happiness.

Plant yourself on the dance floor. It will not only get the party started, but will also allow you to spend time with all of your family and friends—and have fun at the same time!

A lot of girls have been planning their wedding days since they were little, and know exactly what they want the day to be like. I was not one of those girls, but I had several things that I really wanted: sunflowers as many places as possible, to wear yellow shoes, to have both of my sisters as my maids of honor, and to have a band play at the reception. And I made sure all of those happened. You will learn quickly that there will be a lot of hands, advice, and opinions involved in planning your big day.  You will have to compromise some, but if there are details that you have always dreamed of—it is worth it to make it happen.



Hair: Brooke Cothern, Taylor Brooks Salon in Johns Creek, GA

Makeup: Jordan Holland, Taylor Brooks Salon in Johns Creek, GA

Engagement: Sunflower Farm Festival, Rutledge, GA

Dress: Le Dress Boutique, Sandy Springs, GA

Church: Decatur First United Methodist Chapel, Decatur, GA

Reception Venue/Food: Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Resort at Stone Mountain Park, Stone Mountain, GA

Cake: Sugar Kneads Cakery

Flowers: Lily of the Valleys designs by Lynne Wells, Lilburn, GA

Photography: Brian Dean Photography (Brian and Tiffany Dean)

Band: The Moxie Band

Videographer: Olive Studios, Jordan Flores

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