Festival Style For The Real World

By April 15, 2014 Street Style, Trending
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As the sun sets on Coachella, we’re left wanting to rock our festival fringe and boho baubles all summer long. But crop tops, cutoffs (and other crazy closet concoctions) are not exactly weekday staples.  Here, we’ve put together a few styles inspired by Coachella that you can sneak into your everyday wardrobe.


Integrate this hippie-chic trim into the everyday with a fringed scarf, as seen on supermodel Adriana Ambrosio.


Flowy Dresses

In a midi length, these free-flowing frocks can rock the nine-to-five.




Go bold without breaking the office dress code in modern geometrics and primary shades.


Racked photographer Driely S.

Arm Candy

Layer on the sweetness with statement accessories that bring wow to the workday.


Racked photographer Driely S.

Crossbody Bags

Go hands-free with a chic, structured bag in classic colors—or electric statement shades.


 Chiara Ferragni, Chanel bag, Photographed by Leslie Kirchhoff via Vogue

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Denim Everything: Spring’s Best of the Blues

By March 21, 2014 Fashion News, Trending

There’s some major matching going on here, and it has to do with everything blue.

Spring reinvents the Canadian tuxedo, pairing up everything from chambray shirts to the new denim mini (yes, they’re baaack). Bloomingdales.com takes the plunge into the tried-and-true trend, showing us how to style, wear and rock these blues in their Denim Fit Guide.

Now, we’re ready to go blue—are you?


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Heels On Hiatus: Spring’s Flatbed Sandals

By March 18, 2014 Trending

These shoes were made for walking—really! The return of the Birkenstock has prompted a whole slew of designer-inspired flatbed sandals (need we mention the fluffy Celine sandals we saw on the runway?). Once a favorite among hippies and free spirits, this comfort-driven shoe is now a high-fashion do. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Chania Leather Sandals, $130 Birkenstock.com 2. kate spade Attitude Sandals, $198 Bloomingdales.com 3. River Island Metallic Sandals, $53 Asos.com 4. Eileen Fisher Platform Sandals, $195 Bloomingdales.com 5. Annie Sandals, $67 Lulus.com Main image credit: Studded Hearts

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Luck Be A Lady: St. Patty’s Day Style Finds

By March 14, 2014 Trending

The fast-approaching St. Patrick’s Day has us feeling a little green, so we dug up some style inspiration in the enviable shade.  From spring coats to comfy sweatshirts and chic accessories, the royal emerald hue can be worn all March long. Do you have any gorgeous-in-green looks? Share them with us on our Facebook page, or leave a comment below!

1. laurenmessiah.com 2. styledbyjanet.com 3. stylecab.com 4. desdeelfrontrow.com 5. editorial.modnique.com Main image: L’Editrice

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Our Favorite Instagram Maven: LULAMELISSA

By March 11, 2014 Bloggers, Influencers

With its enticing visual display, array of face-flattering filters and instant-gratification sharing ability, its no wonder that Instagram has become the choice social media app of millennials across the globe.  Since its introduction in 2010, the photography app quickly gained mass popularity, currently with over 150 million monthly users. But amidst the feeds of gratuitous #selfies and plated #foodporn, a few artistic gems remain to be seen, harboring feeds that are not just an extension of Facebook pages, but are true cohesive projects with distinct artistic aesthetics.

One of those artists (or visual journalists) is Melissa Adames, known to her 11,500+ followers as LULAMELISSA—a true Instagram Maven and VSCO Cam Goddess. With a beautiful, fluid feed, this Fashion Institute of Technology grad shows a peaceful New York City from her point of view, through sunlit shots of brownstones and brick buildings, artfully executed lattes and street style shots of her low-key (yet totally cool) outfits. two+seven caught up with Melissa to find out a little bit more about her Instagram, and what she does when she’s not posting  gorgeous pics of city sights (she’s a paralegal by day,who would have thought!). Read on for our exclusive interview, and don’t forget to follow Melissa at @LULAMELISSA!


two+seven: Give us some background: what inspired you to create your Instagram?

Melissa Adames: I started my Instagram right when the app first came out just about three years ago.  At the time, Instagram was really only used for photography purposes from the photos I came across.  The people that I have been following since then inspired me to use my feed in the same way, and I still follow some of them today!


2+7: With over 11,000 followers, you definitely have an undeniable presence on Instagram! What do you think it is about your feed that users love so much?

MA: I get this question a lot, and it’s always a little tricky to answer! But I personally think what attracts people to my Instagram are my photos as a whole.  I like to have a nice flow to my photos, and edit them in a way where they go together.  I think it helps that I live in a great city like NYC with visual inspiration literally everywhere. I also think a big thing that I notice: some people have no interaction with their followers. It’s so nice that people take the time out of their day to leave a comment on my photo, and it’s also a great reassurance that they actually do like the photos I’m posting.  I always try to respond to my followers whether it’s a simple thank you or answering how I edit my photos.


2+7: Your feed has a unified, definitive look to it. Tell us a little more about your aesthetic and photography style.

MA: I would describe my Instagram style as a visual journal.  I love to share with my followers the beautiful things I see every day, like an apartment building or a new coffee shop I went to.  I also like to show them what inspires me so I’ll post photos of magazine covers or a cool display I saw at a store.  I might decide not to post a photo due to poor lighting/quality, so I’ll sacrifice that in order to keep a good flow on my profile. When I’m able to control the photo, I think placement and lighting is key, but otherwise I’ll just randomly snap a photo of something that catches my eye and hope for the best in the editing process.  The VSCO Cam app works wonders! The filters have great quality and there are so many features that you are able to change up in your photos.

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 1.23.43 PM

2+7: What does Melissa do when she’s not Instagramming?

MA: When I’m not Instagramming I’m doing the usual 9-5 job. I work at a law firm as a paralegal in the Empire State Building (great perk about working so high up is I’m always able to get some great shots of the view).  If not there, then I’m doing yoga in the East Village, meeting up with friends to wander around city, trying out new places to eat, and going to concerts.  I’m also a big fan of tumblr and pinterest for creativity so I try to set up a little time in my day after work to go on either site for inspiration as well.


2+7: Where do you see the future of your feed taking you? Where do you want it to go?

MA: I would love my feed to keep opening doors for me. So far I did an event with a photography studio last year which was one of the best experiences I’ve had.  I also have met so many great people through Instagram.  I know when I say this to some people, they get really skeptical, but Instagram has become a community where photographers, artists, designers, and bloggers can all connect with each other. Of the people I met, I can honestly say that all have been so inspiring, genuinely nice, and have taught me so much.  I keep in touch and have become great friends with all of them to this day.  We like to meet up and plan photo shoots around the city, it’s really fun!  It’s so refreshing to meet people who share the same interest of instagram photo taking as I do.

I would love for my Instagram to always be evolving.  I like to look back on my photos to see how it began,  and how I’ve changed my photo editing style.  I try not to focus so much if I gain or lose followers because I want Instagram to stay as the creative outlet that I love to use everyday.

Follow @LULAMELISSA on Instagram

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Spring Cleaning Queen

By March 6, 2014 DIY, Guest Posts, Influencers, Trending, Uncategorized

Fashion writer and two+seven guest blogger Morgan Gray offers her tips and tricks for the ultimate closet cleanup.

Boy, has it been a long winter, and am I looking forward to getting my spring rituals started. Usually I dread spring cleaning, but now that this winter is—hopefully!—coming to an end, I’m relishing every chance I can to shake it out of my closet. Together, I think we can come up with some great ways to revamp our wardrobes and shine in the spring sun!

1. Try everything on.

I know, I know. This is exhausting. But what I do every year as spring is starting to come around is take one afternoon and just get down to business. Cancel your appointments, treat yourself to a nice dinner afterward, and spend a few hours in your closet. As you go along, be harsh—it’s the only way to parse down your closet. Ask yourself, “Does this still really suit me?” “Do I still wear this color?” “How long have I had this?” I’ve read someplace that you should go with the two-year rule: if you’ve had something two years and haven’t worn it in that time, give it up—solid advice, though hopefully something hasn’t been hanging sadly in your closet that long! Appraise everything and know your own style, though it may have changed since you bought those bright pink strap wedges!

2. Sort, sort, sort.

I recently came across this cute closet organization checklist from RedEnvelope, which inspired me to develop a strategic method to my madness. As you go along, organize your clothes into different piles. I usually start with three piles: Keep, Donate, Discard. It’s pretty straightforward, but can be difficult! Easiest is the Discard pile; I only throw things in there that are utterly beyond repair. Deciding what to give away, though, is definitely harder. As you go along, be generous: are you really going to wear that again, or could somebody else enjoy it? Those baggy dresses that were so in a few years ago, for example, are going to be a few in my “Donate” pile—well, maybe I’ll keep one or two! Make notes of the things that you have that you can mix and match—it’s okay to be nerdy and write out your outfits!—and make a shopping list for items you still need. Looking into my closet now, I see a few cute cardigans I haven’t worn in a few months that could do with a nice orange or red tank top. I rarely go to the mall without a specific plan, and after months of hibernation I could stand to treat myself to a few essential outfit items!

3. Donate!

Finally, what you don’t keep, discard, or trade away to your friends (consider a clothing swap!), donate to a good cause. There are a lot of statistics about the tons and tons of wasted clothing rotting in landfills, so let’s not contribute to that. When you look at your Donate pile from your closet, sort it further: what needs to be washed? Repaired? Don’t give clothes that are dirty or broken—that’s just rude! Perform any small repairs yourself if you can, and hand in clothes as fresh as possible to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. There are bound to be local shelters in your area that would be happy to take your clothes; I know there’s a women’s shelter near me that I regularly take my used clothing to, and I know they give them straight to the women they help. When you clean your closet, you can also clean your conscience!

With a method and a little patience, you can certainly spruce up your wardrobe and make room for that very-well-deserved summer dress!

More about Morgan: Morgan is a writer-at-heart from New York with a degree in Communications. She’s currently looking to devote more time to her own blog over at www.graygabbana.com, and to connect and share with online communities.

Image Credits: Rubbermaid Products on FlickrRachel A.K, LuckyMagazine, http://www.istockphoto.com, Rockettes.com

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Sultry Styles For Valentine’s Day

By February 14, 2014 Trending

Treat your sweetheart to sexy little somethings in red hot hues for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

Images: Millesia.com//Hanky Panky//Journelle//Fleur of England via Journelle// Stella McCartney Underwear via luisaviaroma.com//Cosabella

Top image via pinterest

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A Beautiful Romance: Photos Inspired By Love

By February 13, 2014 Lifestyle, Photographers, Trending

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, romance is definitely in the air. Get in the mood for love with these heartwarming photos we found on the web.

Images via Saipua , Lolita Says So, Pinterest, Darling, Be Daring

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Southern Charm: Atlanta’s Finest Fashion Bloggers

By February 6, 2014 Bloggers, Influencers

Forget NYC, these Atlanta-based fashion bloggers bring chic city style to the table with an undeniable southern charm.


Website: www.mattieologie.com

Fashion Credentials: She’s been featured in the New York Times and was named one of ESSENCE.com’s Forty Fab Fashion Bloggers; she’s also the style editor for cocoafab.com.


Style Up

Website: www.styleupco.com

Fashion Credentials: Named as one of CBS’s Top Atlanta Fashion Blogs, Style Up has collaborated with local emerging designers, national fashion brands, and global charities to bring clients the best of luxury, fashion, and inspired living.

Picture 1

My Style Vita

Website: www.mystylevita.com

Fashion Credentials: Featured in quite a few online and print publications, Jessica of My Style Vita is also the co-founder of Southern Blog Society, a community of southern lifestyle bloggers.

About Me Page

The Fashionista Next Door

Website: Fashionista-Next-Door.com

Fashion Credentials: As a Lucky contributor, self-proclaimed fashionista Eboni Ifé has appeared in InStyle, Glamour.com Fab Sugar and more.


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Blush Crush: This Season’s Shades of Pink

By February 4, 2014 Trending

It’s pretty, it’s feminine and it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day. Shades of pink were all over the runways, and now they are set to take over spring. From pretty pastels to rich rosy tones, this season you’ll definitely want to think pink.


1. The Chic Department 2. Style Tao 3. The Jealous Curator 4. Julia Nobis by Luke Irons for Harper’s Bazaar Australia May 2012 5. This is Glamorous 6. thisisglamorous.com

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This Catalyst T-Shirt Design Contest Is For You!

By January 29, 2014 Designers, Fashion News

Do you sketch in your moleskins during staff meetings you should be paying attention in? Do you have a secret Pinterest account none of your friends know about just to pin cool designs that inspire you?

Here’s what we’re thinking: we want you to create a T-shirt design that you would want to wear, and the team at Catalyst wants to print it, yes your heard right… We want you to get your creative juices flowing and create the next Catalyst T-shirt! Even if you don’t fit into the criteria above…the Catalyst T-Shirt Design contest is for you!

Here’s what we’re thinking: we want you to create a t-shirt design that you would want to wear, and we want to print it! That’s right! We want you to get your creative juices flowing and create the next Catalyst tshirt!

Here’s the list of things you have to know:


What do you win, you say? Glad you asked. Our grand prize winner will receive a brand new INTUOS PRO TABLET FROM WACOM (Small) AND TWO FREE TICKETS to the 2014 Catalyst Event of your choice!

Sound good? Good! So get your pens, pencils, markers, or tablets ready. The contest starts… NOW!


Must include Catalyst “C” Logo or Catalyst “C” and Wordmark (Download here)
Maximum Size: 14 inches by 17 inches
Maximum Number of Colors: 3
Minimum Resolution (Final File): 300 DPI
Preferred File Types: Adobe Illustrator (.AI), Encapsulated
PostScript (.EPS), or
Portable Document File (.PDF)
Also Accepted File Types: Adobe Photoshop (.PSD)
No more than 3 entries per person
Click Here to upload and submit your entry.



Although you will be submitting your art at a lower resolution – 72 dpi (dots per inch) for web – you will want to create your art at at least 300 dpi. If you win, we will request the high resolution version.

Avoid using copyrighted images, tastelessly offensive concepts, or graphics that cannot be printed on a t-shirt.

Submission requires one image: a JPEG display image (1000 x 1000 pixels)

Got questions? Please contact design@catalystconference.com.

This contest is sponsored by Real Thread, find out more about them HERE.

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Say I Do To Unique Engagement Rings

By January 24, 2014 Trending

Your love is one of a kind—so show it off with an equally unique bling rings. From classic oval shapes to unique art deco styles, you are sure to find something to make you say “I do”. Here are a few of our favorite styles.

1. Oval Rosette – Anna Sheffield 2. Repossi – Barney’s 3. Lauren Wolf Cleopatra’s Ring – Catbird.com 4.FIVE DIAMOND RING
By STEVEN BATTELLE on Love, Adorned 5.Art Deco Cardinal Diamond Ring – Erica Weiner 6. Atomic Ring – Erica Weiner 7.18K Gold 6mm Rose Cut Diamond Ring with 2mm Pave Band – Me&Ro

Homepage Image: Anna Sheffield Designs

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